Restores collagen that weaken due to aging, to create supple skin that springs. It delivers nutrients to the base of the skin and helps to gain the elasticity of skin from inside out. With the top quality collagen, it promotes the collagen generation in your skin and provides the support to subcutaneous fat.

Product Name Cream20

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥13,000
Net Weight 30g
Portion to be used Around 1 inch
Usage Period

About 60 days

Reward Points:7Points

R&D Department Hiroko Miyazaki

Based on customers' feedback, we have valuable insights on "Effects", "Safety", "Ingredients" and "How it feels to use Cream20".

As Cream20 is for daily usage, we hope this product can become the indispensable one for aging skin.

R&D Department / Hiroko Miyazaki

Deliver the nutrients to inner skin

Employing the "encapsulation technology" which capsulize one of our exclusive ingredients, Tulip Essence* into the capsule that have same composition with skin.

Capsulized Tulip Essence moisturizes skin and improves collagen production. Capsule brings the essence to reach into inner skin with long lasting effects.

*Tulip Essence: Give skin firmness‧Prevent dry skin

The indispensable collagen care for aging skin

Most of the aging skin problems cause from the lack of collagen that support your skin.
The important point to solve the problems is to balance the fundamental power of skin.

Exclusively selected two kinds of collagen, Conger Pike Collagen and Permeable Tripletail Collagen* to restore collagen. Together with the Shiranui Chrysanthemum Extract* to protect inner skin and Paeonia Lactiflora Extract* to prepare collagen.
These ingredients can improve top quality collagen production to create firm and radiant skin.
We proudly present Cream20, with all of our confident research results.

*Permeable Tripletail Collagen: Moisturizing‧Give skin firmness
*Shiranui Chrysanthemum Extract: Keep healthy skin
*Paeonia Lactiflora Extract: Give skin firmness‧Prevent dry skin

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