If you introduce Domohorn Wrinkle to your friends and they make their purchase, you will receive a JPY1,000 off coupon for your next purchase! Let's share your love of Domohorn Wrinkle with your friends and family.

▼Referral Procedure
① Enter your email address and name on the participation page.
② Obtain the referral link.
③ Share the link with your friends.
④ After your friend make a purchase, you will get a coupon via email.

Get referral link

In the section marked with "①" in the image, please enter your email address and name. By clicking on "Get Invite Link", you will obtain a referral link to share with your friends.

Share link to your friends

The referral link for your friends will be displayed. You can copy it and share it with your friends or share it on your social media platforms.

Earn Coupon

Once we confirm that your friend have made a purchase using the referral link, we will send you a coupon via email. The coupon can be used on your next purchase.