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About our products and ingredients

What Domohorn Wrinkle products are there?

Domohorn Wrinkle has 8 products that divide into 3 groups: "Refining 3", "Essential 4", and "Daytime Solution."
On Domohorn Wrinkle Global official website only 7 products are sold, No.3 Softening Foam Mask* is unavailable.
*Overseas delivery of No.3 Softening Foam Mask is prohibited by aviation regulations due to foam-producing liquefied gas contained.

For customers residing in Hong Kong and Macau, you can make your purchases on the Hong Kong E-commerce website "HKTVmall"
We warmly invite you to explore our offerings on HKTVmall.

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Can I use your products together with the skincare from other brands?

Since each customer uses different skincare products, we can give recommendations that are suitable for you.
Please fill out the contact form on the "Contact Us" page.

Does Domohorn Wrinkle only have 8 products?

DomohornWrinkle is based on the concept of Kampo, the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine. It is not aimed at the skin problems, but from the root causes to improve them.
With the advanced technology, it can effectively improve wrinkles, dark spots, and other aging skin problems by enhancing the "skin's self-repairing power".
Each product has its unique role and effects, such as "removes makeup and sebum stains, cleans the skin gently and cleanly, provides necessary nutrition to the skin, and protects it from skin damage." When used together, they promote each other's effectiveness and help enhance the strength of skin to bring your healthy skin back.

Where does the name "Domohorn Wrinkle" come from?

"Domohorn Wrinkle" is the combination of 3 words.

"Domo" means "suppress" in Latin
"horn" means "dead skin" in German
"Wrinkle" means "line in the skin" in English

"Domohorn Wrinkle" is a brand name to represent our desire to suppress skin problems caused by aging.

What kind of skin and age are your products suitable for?

Everyone can use Domohorn Wrinkle products regardless of skin type, age, gender, or season.

Can I use your products if I am pregnant or have sensitive skin?

All of our products contain natural ingredients, which are gentle and non-irritating, so they are safe for pregnancy and sensitive skin.
You are welcome to contact us for advice that suits you before start trying our products.

When do your products expire?

All of Domohorn Wrinkle products have a shelf life of one and a half years. After opening, they should be used within 6 months.
Please note that the periods may be shortened due to environmental factors, such as high temperature and high humidity.
Please store in a dry place at room temperature; avoid direct sunlight, heat, and freezing temperatures.

Are all the ingredients natural?

Domohorn Wrinkle products contain more than 170 natural ingredients; there are only 2 non-natural ingredients.

1. BG - an extracts from plants that helps hydrate the skin
2. LPG - a liquefied gas that helps create a soft foam *Only contained in No.3 Softening Foam Mask
The above 2 ingredients have passed the third-party verification and obtained the certification of "highly safe raw materials", so only the minimum necessary amounts of them are put in the products.
Meanwhile, we are working hard to find and replace all products with natural plant extracts.

Do your products contain artificial preservatives, fragrances or alcohol?

All of Domohorn Wrinkle products do NOT contain any chemical fragrances, artificial additives, irritating substances or alcohol (Ethanol).

However, there are 5 ingredients with a scientific name containing "alcohol", namely:

1. Behenyl Alcohol (contained in No.3 Softening Foam Mask, No.6 Cream20, No.7 Milky Veil Lotion)
2. Myristyl Alcohol (contained in No.2 Silky Cream Foam, No.3 Softening Foam Mask)
3. Hydrogenated Rapeseed Alcohol (contained in No.5 Vital White Essence)
4. Arachidyl Alcohol (contained in No.6 Cream20)
5. Stearyl Alcohol (contained in No.6 Cream20)
Please rest assured that the above ingredients act as emollients to soften the skin; safe for your skin.

About the Treatment

Will spots and wrinkles really disappear?

Spots and wrinkles stem from the deterioration of the innate "skin's self-repairing power" of the skin.
Age plays a big role in such deterioration.
Since aging is the natural process of human beings, it is difficult to erase spots and wrinkles once they appear.
Domohorn Wrinkle is a skincare that enhances the innate strength of the skin.
According to our customers who continue our products, they are delighted that they "look younger", "the crow's feet disappeared and the skin looks radiant", and "the wrinkles disappeared."

Is it better to use all products in the Full Series set?

We recommend our customers to use all products of the Full series set because they promote each other's effectiveness to bring your healthy skin back, and a better result can be expected!
In addition, each product has its function, you can consider which products you would like to order according to your skin problems and budget.

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Can I ask about my skin problems or how to take care of my skin?

Yes, you can!
The Domohorn Wrinkle Customer Service gives 1-on-1 skin consultation to provide you with the most appropriate advice.

Please choose one of the following to contact us.
1. Email us at
2. Fill out the contact form

What should I do if my skin is itchy, red, or rash after using your products?

If your skin feels strange during or after use, please immediately rinse thoroughly with water, discontinue use, and contact us.
We will provide you with skincare recommendations based on your current skin condition.

About order

How can I place an order?

You can place an order online via our website.

How can I make a payment?

We accept credit cards, Union Pay, Alipay, PayPal, Wechat Pay, and Apple Pay.

*When using "Alipay" or "Wechat Pay" payment, personal authentication is required at each payment company in order for the payment to proceed smoothly.
Please visit the website of the payment provider you use for information on how to verify your ID.
**When using "Apple Pay" payment, please provide the shipping address in English.

Can I exchange or return a product?

1. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the unopened products. In this case, please email us within 8 days after the receipt of your products, and you are requested to pay for the return postage.
2. We accept the return and exchange of purchased items if you find them soiled or damaged. Please contact us within 10 days after the receipt of your products. We will replace them with new items at our cost including postage.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, there is. The delivery fee varies depending on the destination countries/regions and the product quantity.
For more detail, please feel free to email us.

Shipping Promotion:
Orders over JPY 30,000, FREE shipping

Do I need to pay any customs tariff ?

Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import taxes, fees, and customs duties levied by the customs office of your shipping destination.
Relative fees will be borne by customers.
Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Import fees vary according to the customs regulations of the destination country.
So we suggest you confirm the policies or fees with the customs office of the destination country before your purchase.

Customs offices in some countries or regions may require the importer of record to provide a form of identification before releasing a shipment, such as a Passport, Tax ID, etc.

About Reselling Our Products

■The purchase (resale) for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
■We may cancel the transaction if it is determined that the purchase exceeds the amount for personal use and the reason is unclear.
■Who purchased a resale goods, or products purchased for resale cannot be accepted for returns and/or exchanges.
■We are not responsible for quality assurance, quality control, safety management, transaction safety, or other troubles related to resale transactions and/or resale products.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

About Online Member

I can't log in. What should I do?

First, make sure all information you have entered is correct. Examples of common mistakes:

■The "8-digit customer ID" is entered in the "Email address" box.
■The "password" is entered in the "Email address" box.
■The case of the letters is incorrect.
*You can press the Shift key while typing to switch to uppercase letters.
If you have forgotten your password, please reset the password.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You will need to reset your password.
After entering the necessary information on "Forgot your password?" page, the "Notification of your enquiry of ID/password" will be emailed to your registered email address.
Please follow the instructions in the email.

The enquiry of password through email is only available to registered email address.
If the email address has been changed or you cannot receive the notification email for any reason, please email us at or fill out the contact form on the "Contact Us" page.

How do I change or update my membership registration information?

Please log in to My Account, then click on the "View Addresses" option from the menu on the left.
Or you may fill out the contact form on the "Contact Us" page and let us know your requests.

How to terminate my online membership?

For the termination of Online Membership, simply follow these steps:
Or you may email us at or fill out the contact form on the "Contact Us" page and let us know your requests.

Is the credit card information secured?

We are using the internet security SSL encoding technology for our website, and we are paying the utmost attention.
All communications are encoded and the system secures your purchase information and credit card.

How do you handle personal information?

The personal information of our customers will be used only to send promotional campaign notices, regular after-care emails, and order processing.
Customer personal information will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be disclosed, given, or transferred to a third party.
We strictly manage and protect customer personal information to ensure our customers use Domohorn Wrinkle with peace of mind.
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Where does the company name "Saishunkan" come from?

"Saishunkan" was the name of a medical school in Kumamoto prefecture in the old days. The school taught anyone from any social class who aspired to be a doctor and took in any patients in need.
Our company was first established in Kumamoto prefecture. We named the company under the name of the legendary medical school because we wanted to inherit the spirit of freedom and care of Saishunkan, which has become the pride of our hometown.

Do you have shops?

Yes, we have “Skincare Lounges” in Taiwan and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Aichi).
*If you would like to purchase or receive the products at the "Skincare Lounge", please contact us 7 days in advance.

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