[Limited-Time] Essential 4 (Gifts: Eye Patches)

The Essential 4 set includes "moisturizing," "enhancing skin circulation," "providing nutrients," and "protecting the skin," all of which are necessary for skincare. Each Essential 4 product works on different levels of the skin. As the outer, inner, and deep layers of your skin require different care and effects, using the entire Essential 4 together can maximize their benefits for your skin.
Recommended for customers who want a moisturized, radiant and firm complexion.
Furthermore, with the purchase of this set, you will receive limited-time gifts that are recommended for those desiring both firmness and moisturizing care for the skin around the eyes and mouth, As an added perk, the Essential 4 set will arrive in a gorgeous floral gift box exclusively for those who purchase this set.

* Each Essential 4 product is individually packed in a protective bag and comes with a threads zanchi towel for glass bottles as usual.
* Promotional Period: April 1, 2024 - June 2, 2024

【Set Content】
・Intense Hydrator (120mL / For 60 days)
・Vital White Essence (30mL / For 60 days)
・Cream20 (30g / For 60 days)
・Milky Veil Lotion (100mL / For 70 days)

① Full Series 3-day Set
② Two Boxes of Moisturizing Gel Eye Patches (3 Packs per 1 Box)

¥33,000 JPY

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Gift Set

① Full Series 3-day Set
Total 7 for 3 days

② Two Boxes of Moisturizing Gel Eye Patches (3 Packs per 1 Box)
Gel sheet mask that is specially formulated to target the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth.
Infused with moisturizing ingredients, it provides intense hydration, leaving the skin around your eyes and mouth feeling firmer.

What is the Essential 4 set?

The Essential 4 set is a 4-item set of Domohorn Wrinkle's skincare routine that works together to enhance the "skin's self-repairing power."

Each Domohorn Wrinkle product has its own effect on improving the signs of aging skin, such as wrinkles and spots. Additionally, using Essential 4 together can exert a complementary effect, which is more ideal than the expectation of using them individually.

*If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please consult with us before using.

Improve the signs of aging skin

✔ The integration of Kampo concept and cutting-edge skin science
✔ Advice from skin specialists
✔ Safety commitments, such as paraben-free
✔ Quality control of in-house manufacturing


Natural ingredients from around the world. "Gentle to the skin" "Beneficial for the skin"
①Yabatsui Extract: Repair UV damaged skin
②Changbai Ginseng Extract: Firm skin
③Tripletail Penetrating Collagen: Gives skin elasticity
④Shiranui Chrysanthemum: Maintains skin health
⑤Tulip Extract: Prevent skin irritation
⑥Guava Leaf Extract: Moisturizes skin