To customers of this website, we are pleased to present you with the selectable「Reward Gift」promotion.

◆About the promotion

To make your shopping experience even more enjoyable, we are now launching a promotion in which you can select your preferred gift based on the amount you purchase.

If the purchase amount meets any of the following conditions, selectable reward gift will be displayed on the page automatically: ① JPY20,000 or more, ② JPY30,000 or more, ③ JPY48,000 or more

You can select the reward gift of your choice from the gift list menu; it will be delivered with the product you purchased.

All of the selectable reward gift enhance the effectiveness of Domohorn Wrinkle products or make your life more enjoyable and comfortable.

Furthermore, the reward gift information will be updated periodically, so please enjoy it!

※Notes・The reward gift varies based on the total amount purchased.・The reward gift is subject to change without prior notice.

◆Introducing the Reward Gift

<Selectable Reward Gift for Purchases of JPY20,000 or more>

① Mild Sun Protection (SPF50+ PA++++)

② Body Massage Oil

<Selectable Reward Gift for Purchases of JPY30,000 or more>

①Refreshing Shampoo+Repair Conditioner

②Mild SunProtection+Soothing Hand Cream

③Milky Body Moisturizer+Lip Treatment

④Body Massage Oil+Lip Treatment

<Selectable Reward Gift for Purchases of JPY48,000 or more>

①Refreshing Shampoo+Repair Conditioner+Milky Body Moisturizer

②Radiant Oil+Neck Zone Essence+Soothing Hand Cream

③Beauty Bathing+Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel

④Body Massage Oil+Lip Treatment+Milky Body Moisturizer

◆Details on each gift

<Mild Sun Protection>(SPF50+ PA++++)

A full-body sunscreen that protects your skin against harmful UV rays during the day and thoroughly hydrates it. The emulsion texture is gentle and easy to spread all over your body. It can also be used on children.
*Silicone Free/UV Absorber Free/Paraben Free/Ethanol Free
Content: 30mL
How to apply
・Shake it up and down thoroughly, then evenly apply an appropriate amount to your body.

<Body Massage Oil>

Massage oil with botanical essences to relieve muscle tension and relax your mind.
Content: 30mL
How to use
・Take an appropriate amount in your palm and gently massage the areas of your body that needs to be massaged.
・Spread the oil evenly and massage with your fingertips or palms in relaxing movements.
・To maximize the benefits of the massage, focus on the areas that are particularly prone to tension or fatigue.

<Refreshing Shampoo>

A shampoo based on the concept that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.
It also contains plenty of ingredients that protect the hair and scalp after washing, such as Changbai Ginseng extract, rosemary, and silk protein, which are the same as "Cream 20."
The firm foam effectively removes dirt and promotes the growth of thick, bouncy hair.
Content: 150g
How to use
・Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo into your palm and thoroughly lather it.
・Cleanse the entire scalp with your fingertips, then give it a gentle massage. Focus on massaging areas that are prone to oil and dirt.
・Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly with water to remove any excess shampoo and your hair and scalp will be clean.

<Repair Conditioner>

A treatment that makes hair healthier by repairing damage from coloring, UV rays, stress, and other factors.
It also maintains the hydration and volume of your hair.
Use this repair conditioner together with the Refreshing Shampoo to get healthier, shinier hair.
Content: 150g
How to use
・After shampooing, gently remove any remaining water from your hair.
・Pour an appropriate amount of treatment into your palm and spread it evenly through your hair.
・Apply particularly to hair ends and areas you are worried about getting damaged.
・For easier penetration of the nutritional ingredients, leave the treatment on your hair for two to three minutes.
・Next, give it a thorough rinse. Please take care to avoid leaving any more treatment residue behind.

<Soothing Hand Cream>

This hand cream has a deeply moisturizing effect on the skin and is made by a herbal medicine company using high-end herbal ingredients.
Content: 50g
How to use
・Take an appropriate amount of hand cream and spread it over both hands when they feel dry or need care.
・Apply it particularly to your fingertips and the area around your nails, or anywhere else you are worried about dryness.

<Milky Body Moisturizer>

Body milk with natural ingredients, such as rosehip, bergamot, and orange extracts, for comfortable moisturizing with a light feel.
With its refreshingly comfortable sensation, this Milky Body Moisturizer will satisfy both those who love a refreshing product and those who love a moisturizing one.
Content: 180mL
How to apply
・Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and spread it evenly over the entire body.
・Apply gently to areas that are prone to dryness, such as the hands and feet.

<Lip Treatment>

Domohorn Wrinkle's original ingredients, Changbai ginseng extract and tomato extract, are effectively blended, and their specific power eliminates roughness caused by UV rays and dryness, resulting in firm and moisturized lips.
Changbai ginseng extract intensively moisturizes the skin, while tomato extract is high in antioxidants and soothes skin damage caused by external factors. This special combination also promotes the health of your lips.
With its mild ingredients, this lip care product softly protects your lips and is excellent for the entire family, including children, as well as for everyday use.
Content: 8g
How to apply
・Apply an appropriate amount (about the size of a grain of rice) straight from the tube to your lips whenever you want, such as when you're worried about dryness or before going to bed.

<Radiant Oil>

Created by utilizing the wisdom of Chinese medicine, Fermented oil has better absorption to the skin and also create elastic skin.Despite a light texture of the oil, it can help to moisturize the aged skin that is easy to lose skin moisture.
Relax your skin and your mind by massaging with the oil after using cream 20.
Content: 20mL
How to apply
・After using cream 20, take 1-2 pushes on the palm.Apply it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin with your fingertips and gently blend it to your entire face.
・If you would like to massage, apply two pushes and softly massage in a circular motion with your finger pads.

<Neck Zone Essence>

This special neck cream is formulated with botanical essence to address skin issues around the neck, providing moisture and firmness for a more youthful appearance.
If you apply "Neck Zone Essence" after your "OTEATE" skincare routine, your face will look brighter the next morning.
Content: 50g
How to apply
・After your "OTEATE" skincare routine, take a suitable amount (almond sized) on the hand then evenly massage with the cream around the neck.
・Apply from the front bottom of the neck to the chin.
・Slide the fingers along the jaw lines to the bottom of the ears, and then move from there toward the collar bones.

<Beauty Bathing>

Beauty bath liquid is perfect for gently stimulating slow blood circulation while promoting the health of your body and skin.
It is also designed for use as a bath cosmetic by just adding it to your bathtub to moisturize your skin.
The subtle, gentle scent and luxurious plant-derived oils provide a pleasant and relaxing effect, leaving your entire body moist and smooth.
Content: 320mL
How to use
・Fill your bathtub with warm water and and pour one capful of "Beauty Bathing" into it.
・After pouring, gently spread "Beauty Bathing" evenly to achieve a perfect bath.

<Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel>

A luxury face towel that boosts the performance of Domohorn Wrinkle skincare routine, which was created with a focus on "soft skin-friendly," "quickly absorption," and "trusted quality.".
Imabari towels are also a symbol of Japanese quality and this towel is created using Japan's world-class Imabari textile technology.
Content: 1 piece
Material: 100% cotton
Size: approx. 33cm×75cm
How to use
・After washing your face, use the "Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel" to gently wipe it off, and then follow your skincare routine.