Double Cleansing set

¥10,000 JPY

This set includes a make-up remover and a gentle face wash. They not only gently cleanse the skin but also keep it moisturized. Recommended for those desiring a gentle double clean that also effectively removes dirt.

【Net content】

・ Oil-in-Gel Remover (110g / For 60days)
・ Silky Cream Foam (110g / For 60 days)

For 2 months

【The benefits of double cleansing】

Oil-in-Gel Remover→ Removes Makeup, Sunscreen, Sebum, Acne, Blackhead
Silky Cream Foam→ Cleanses Sweat, Dirt,Sebum, Dead skin cells

If you only use one of them, makeup stains and excess sebum will easily remain on your skin, causing pimples and blackheads in your pores.

*If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please consult with us before using.

Natural ingredients from around the world. "Gentle to the skin" "Beneficial for the skin"

①Yabatsui Extract: Repair UV damaged skin
②Changbai Ginseng Extract: Firm skin
③Tripletail Penetrating Collagen: Gives skin elasticity
④Shiranui Chrysanthemum: Maintains skin health
⑤Tulip Extract: Prevent skin irritation
⑥Guava Leaf Extract: Moisturizes skin

Improve the signs of aging skin

✔ The integration of Kampo concept and cutting-edge skin science
✔ Advice from skin specialists
✔ Safety commitments, such as paraben-free
✔ Quality control of in-house manufacturing


【Gift Set】

【Deep Cleansing Powder】

Affected by factors such as low skin renewal speed and UV exposure, the old dead flaky skin cells will be accumulated easier.The build-up of old dead skin cells will then lead to skin lack of smoothness.
Mixing Deep Cleansing Powder with Silky Cream Foam for once or twice a week will be your solution to even and smooth skin.
Together they can create mild yet powerful foam for removing dirt in your pores.

Content : 20g (about 25 times)