Restores collagen that weaken due to aging, to create supple skin that springs. It delivers nutrients to the base of the skin and helps to gain the elasticity of skin from inside out. With the top quality collagen, it promotes the collagen generation in your skin and provides the support to subcutaneous fat.

Product Name Cream20

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥13,000
Net Weight 30g
Portion to be used Around 1 inch
Usage Period

About 60 days

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Top collagen that boosts collagen production fundamentally

Collagens vary in quality and functions. Since the birth of Domohorn Wrinkle in 1974, Saishunkan has committed itself in selecting only the best collagens. Cream20 contains the top collagen extracted from Wild Conger Pike from the Andaman Sea in Thailand that are only about 1/1000 the size of regular collagen, reaching inner skin to foster top collagen.

Deliver necessary nutrients to inner skin
Employing the encapsulation technology, Tulip Essence reached into inner skin with long lasting effects while Tulip Essence induces HSP47 and generates top quality collagen with the synergy effect with Changbai Ginseng.

[Beautifully effective] A cream that truly works on the foundation of aging skin

Cream20 was the first cream to incorporate collagen in 1974. It has evolved to work even more effectively on the foundation of your skin by incorporating the new technology of SAISHUNKAN herbal extracts.

Cream20 not only continues to pioneer collagen care for aging skin, but also focuses on the collagen that supports skin elasticity and regeneration.
Rather than just increase the types of ingredients, we also keep developt and improve the extraction method of the ingredients. Our persistence of quality makes Cream20 be the long-seller products.

The user "sensation" and "treatment method" have also been considered
Cream20 is much more than a moisturizing cream, it also gives a wonderful feeling as you apply the soft, thick gentle cream to your skin.
Using our special "treatment method" to massage your face and warm up your skin is easy and helps the nutrients to penetrate to your core foundation more easily. This is certainly a cream you will love.

Comments about Cream20

Age Group 50s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Common Skin Problem Spots
Comments I cannot believe how effective Cream20 is. After using it for just two months, my spots have become significantly lighter. The improvement in my skin has made people ask if I've had cosmetic treatment! I'm so grateful.

Age Group 40s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Dry Skin Problem Wrinkles
Comments I've been troubled a lot by the dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles. But since I started using Cream20 my dark circles have improved, and I was so happy that my daughter said my face looked full and glowing with moisture.

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