Intense Hydrator

Activate aquaporin, fully moisturize skin from inside out that lasts.

Product Name Intense Hydrator

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 120mL
Portion to be used Size of a 25 cents coin
Usage Period

About 60 days

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Give, protect and adjust the moisture of skin.

When the dehydration problem getting serious, your skin will become thick then the penetration of the ingredients will be poor.

Intense Hydrator moisturize skin and adjust the water circulation. It helps to soften your skin and improves the penetration of ingredients.

[Beautifully effective] Hydrates thoroughly from the surface through all layers of your skin

The larger hyaluronic acid elements hydrate the surface of your skin slowly and steadily. The smaller particles penetrate quickly into the lower layers of your skin to provide deep down moisture so your skin is fully moisturized at every level.

The first application prepares your skin to absorb moisture more fully in the second application.
Give skin nutrients that make soft and moisturizing after cleansing. By use in two times, make skin fully moisturized and softens your skin.

Comments about Intense Hydrator

Age Group 30s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Eye bags
Comments You have to follow the step by step sequence of Essential 4, otherwise the Vital White Essence and Cream20 won't work well. I love the scent, it makes me feel so relaxed.

Age Group 40s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Dry Skin Problem Wrinkles
Comments After washing, my skin used to feel rough and dry. When I applied Intense Hydrator with my palms, I felt my skin becoming soft and moisturized almost immediately. I am really delighted with this!

Age Group 40s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Dry Skin Problem Pores
Comments This is really good. I have been using Essential 4 for about a month. In the past, when I used the toner I bought in shops, it just slid off my skin and didn't penetrate. Intense Hydrator is light and smooth, and moisturizes really well. Of course, it's better if you use all the Essential 4 items, but just using Intense Hydrator on its own keeps my skin moisturized all day long.

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