Silky Cream Foam

A rich foam to remove dirt of aging skin and to restore bare bright skin.

Product Name Silky Cream Foam

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 110g
Portion to be used Size of a soybean
Usage Period

About 60 days

Reward Points:2Points

  1. step1

    Squeeze a soybean size of the cream foam on wet hand with half teaspoon of water. Gradually add a little bit of water to beat up a rich foam.

    Slightly cup your hand to hold the water.

  2. step2

    Apply the foam and gently massage onto your face.

  3. step3

    Rinse thoroughly with water or warm water. Follow the same steps to create cleansing foam and wash again.

    Use the balls of finger to thoroughly clean hairline, chin, wings of the nose, etc.

  4. step4

    Your skin is clean but moisturized and will not feel tight.


Use the bouncy fluffy foam to gently remove the dirt on the skin surface for the first wash.
Use the creamy foam to clean up the dirt hidden inside the pores for the second wash.

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