Security Policy

Domohorn Wrinkle website pays special attention to the security system, in order for customers to use the online shopping services safely and securely.

Using encrypted communication (SSL communication)

Saishunkan Co.,Ltd. has obtained the SSL server certification from DigiCert with 256-bit encryption.
By using the SSL Encrypted communication, communications between our site and customers' browsers are safely carried out by encrypting them. Important personal information will also be encrypted so there are no worries that it will leak to other third parties.
The URL pages using the SSL begins with 「http」, and is indicated by a 「locked-key mark」of the customers' browser.

Using MasterCard® SecureCode

When customers choose to make a payment by MasterCard® , debit card in our Domohorn Wrinkle website, the popup window of companies that provide the SecureCode service will appear automatically, and customers can enter their personal security code. Just like entering a personal password into an ATM machine, the customers' identity will be confirmed within seconds. SecureCode online registration is a very simple process. There is no need to make a new card, and within minutes after registration, customers can always enjoy a fun and credible online shopping

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Using 「Verified by VISA」

「Verified by VISA (VbV)」is an online service that confirms the identity of the card member for the purpose of ensuring safe and secure online transactions.
Verified by VISA is to reduce the acts of dishonesty, disputes involving the use of Visa card, and in terms of online shopping, improve the credibility between the card member and the participating store.
「Verified by VISA」has been introduced by Visa member financial institutions, and participating stores worldwide, and all it takes is just a few seconds.

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Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has obtained the following certifications in Japan.
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