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<Soothing Hand Cream>
This hand cream has a deeply moisturizing effect on the skin and is made by a herbal medicine company using high-end herbal ingredients.
Content: 50g

How to use
・Take an appropriate amount of hand cream and spread it over both hands when they feel dry or need care.
・Apply it particularly to your fingertips and the area around your nails, or anywhere else you are worried about dryness.

<Lip Treatment>
Domohorn Wrinkle's original ingredients, Changbai ginseng extract and tomato extract, are effectively blended, and their specific power eliminates roughness caused by UV rays and dryness, resulting in firm and moisturized lips.
Changbai ginseng extract intensively moisturizes the skin, while tomato extract is high in antioxidants and soothes skin damage caused by external factors. This special combination also promotes the health of your lips.
With its mild ingredients, this lip care product softly protects your lips and is excellent for the entire family, including children, as well as for everyday use.
Content: 8g

How to apply
・Apply an appropriate amount (about the size of a grain of rice) straight from the tube to your lips whenever you want, such as when you're worried about dryness or before going to bed.