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Do you know who "Customer Pleaser" is?



At Domohorn Wrinkle, we have a customer service specialist called "Customer Pleaser" to ensure that all of our customers receive the best care possible.

The word 'Pleaser' refers to someone who brings joy, reflecting our commitment to delighting our customers.

Domohorn Wrinkle' s "Customer Pleaser" does more than just take care of the customer's order or provide the customer with helpful information.
We also provide skin consultations and instruction on how to use the products correctly for the best results possible as we aim to deliver each and every one of our customers the most satisfactory experience.
For example, if you are concerned about dull skin, it's not just a matter of aging; factors such as dryness, exposure to cold, and poor blood circulation are also relevant. We strive to understand the root of your concerns and provide you with the best possible solutions by delving into your skin condition, conducting a thorough skin consultation, and understanding your lifestyle.

How many customers do you estimate these Customer Pleasers serve in a year?
Each Customer Pleaser serves about 4,000 people.

To comprehend skin problems and effectively assist our customers, we dedicate ourselves to extensive, long-term training grounded in specialized skin knowledge and mechanisms. Therefore, only Customer Pleasers who have successfully completed rigorous training and passed practical exams are eligible to serve our customers.

Examples of our training include:

  • Understanding the structure and functions of the skin
  • In-depth knowledge about aging skin
  • Effective skincare practices
  • Learning from ongoing research in the field
  • Identifying skin problems based on age and their root causes
  • Understanding the impact of seasons and the environment on the skin.

These training elements ensure that our Customer Pleasers are well-equipped to provide informed assistance to our valued customers.

Our mission is to create a lasting impression for our customers.

As we work closely with our customers, we truly take into account their sentiments and work to create strong connections that will ultimately lead to both physical and emotional enjoyment.
Therefore, we would like to share our impressions with the world through our products and customer relationships, going beyond just manufacturing and selling cosmetics.

We offer our appreciation to customers through 'Shiori'

At Domohorn Wrinkle, we document conversations or voices from our customers using hand-written paper notes called "Shiori" The name "Shiori" is derived from the Japanese character "枝折り" (Shi-o-ri).

The term originates from ancient times, when travelers would place branches along the roadside to mark the path and avoid getting lost. 'Shiori' captures the stories and feelings of our customers. It is important that we continue to interact with them based on our past conversations.


If you'd like to enhance the effectiveness of Domohorn Wrinkle products and your skincare routine, feel free to contact us for a consultation with our Customer Pleaser.

We warmly welcome overseas customers and provide service in English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and Thai.

Our Customer Pleasers are well-versed in various languages and cultures, ensuring effective assistance for overseas customers. If you have any skin concerns or would like to consult about your skin care routine, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to doing our best to serve and care for your skin.