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We call our unique skincare techniques "Oteate"



To maximize the effectiveness of our products

At Domohorn Wrinkle, we have created techniques called 'Oteate'." Did you ever experience your mother soothing your stomach ache by placing her hand gently on your abdomen when you were young?

Indeed, hands play a significant role in conveying feelings and love. They have the ability to alleviate pain and offer comfort.
Hands capable of delicately touching tender skin and effectively delivering nourishing ingredients are essential for optimizing the benefits of Domohorn Wrinkle.
By directly touching the skin with your palms and fingertips, you can discern subtle changes that may go unnoticed in the mirror.

Taking care of your skin involves more than just following a routine – it's about infusing love and attention into every step. By embracing basic daily skincare with care and devotion, you'll witness the beautiful and healthy transformation of your skin. Let's embark on this journey together.

Two key points to experience the difference

Domohorn Wrinkle has unique techniques, with key focuses on using the"Appropriate amount" and "How to make it absorb".
Did you know that a little awareness in these aspects can significantly impact your experience and satisfaction with your skin?
We've received positive feedbacks from customers who have tried our products, with comments like, "I can't believe how much it has changed!" This time, we'd like to share these two key points with you.

<Point①:Using the "Appropriate Amount">

Using a small amount or applying it unevenly can result in areas of your skin being inadequately treated. It's important to apply the appropriate amount as recommended and gently blend it evenly across your entire face

[The recommended usage amount]

Intense Hydrator

A 25-cent coin size x 2 times

Vital White Essence

1 pump


around 2 cm

Milky Veil Lotion

1 pump

<Point②:How to Make it Absorb>

The pressure applied to the skin is crucial to ensure it doesn't burden the skin.
Excessive pressure from your fingertips can potentially result in skin damage or irritation. Applying force comparable to altering facial expressions might contribute to the formation of wrinkles or blemishes, underscoring the need for caution.

It's important to gently and gradually blend products into the skin, treating it as delicately as handling tofu. Paying close attention to the applied force is vital for minimizing stress on the skin and effectively caring for it.

[Signs of proper absorbtion]

  • Intense Hydrator: When your palm clings to your face.
  • Vital White Essence: When you do not feel watery on your face.
  • Cream20: When your fingers feel less slippery.
  • Milky Veil Lotion: When you do not feel watery on your face and your hands do not stick to the skin.

By practicing "Oteate," which involves touching the skin with your palms and fingertips to sense its changes, you can enhance the effectiveness of Domohorn Wrinkle products.

Consistently engaging in daily care routines, using the appropriate amount of product, and delicately blending it into the skin with gentle and careful motions are key to maintaining the beauty and health of your skin.

Start your skincare routine today and experience the benefits firsthand. If you have any questions about the "Oteate" or need guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Our Customer Pleaser will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way.