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A skincare brand based on the concept of "Chinese medicine x science”

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Is Domohorn Wrinkle a natural cosmetics brand?

We are sometimes asked, "Domohorn Wrinkle is a natural cosmetics brand, isn't it”? We answer, "No, it is not”. This is because we believe it is not easy to incorporate the power of nature into cosmetics. The life force of nature is so strong that even if we try to enjoy its benefits as they are, we may not be able to cope with it, and we may get a rash or get sick.

However, humans have gained new strength by skillfully taking in their life force. Just as Kampo (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has brought out the hidden power of nature and brought people a better life, we have incorporated the great power of plants into Domohorn Wrinkle by utilizing the wisdom of Kampo and the cutting-edge technology.

Maximizing the life force that only plants can produce through Chinese medicine x science

The strong life force of plants that grow in harsh environments

For example, Changbai ginseng, the raw material used by Domohorn Wrinkle, takes 7 long years to absorb nutrients from the soil and grows a robust life force from its roots.
Also, the Pimpinella found at high altitudes in the Alps blooms gracefully under the intense UV rays that people can't take unprotected.

Plants that cannot move seek survival strategies in harsh environments, and build up a strong life force by enduring numerous trials and tribulations.

Changbai ginseng

Domohorn Wrinkle's technology brings out the hidden power of plants

As ingredients for cosmetics, extracts are squeezed from plants in form of raw juice. However, we try to avoid a single drop to go to waste.

The technique of compound fermentation, by following the "Shuji" method of Kampo, extracts with different functions from the same ingredient by boiling in water, boiling in oil, steaming, etc., or combining several raw materials into one, and further fermenting the extracted material, requires the use of all five senses to determine quality, which cannot be measured by a machine. We take on the challenge of difficult methods because we want to maximize the hidden power of plants and apply it to Domohorn Wrinkle.

Concentrated and strong extracts produced by “Chinese Medicine x Science”

People still don't fully undrerstand the power of plants. Our goal is to explore this unknown power further and utilize it to benefit people. We take plant made ingredients and change them into an optimal and effective form for people. The extracts made this way are richer and more potent in their vitality than other extracts of the same name. This is also why Domohorn Wrinkle is different from natural cosmetics.