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Recently, I’ve been concerned about wrinkles on my forehead...

Having forehead wrinkles makes you unhappy since you can see them when you change your facial expression, don't you think?

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Absolutely! What should I do if I have wrinkles on my forehead? Please tell us!

Got it! So, this time I will tell you about the causes of forehead wrinkles and how to make them less noticeable♪

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Three types of forehead wrinkles and their causes.

Forehead wrinkles are the most noticeable of all face wrinkles.And it's even worse when they're visibly engraved on your forehead, because they make you look older and unhappy.

There are three types of forehead wrinkles, and the causes of each differ.

Let's first look at how they differ.

  1. Dry fine wrinkles
  2. Expression Wrinkles
  3. Deep wrinkles

1. Dry fine wrinkles

Normally, a barrier function keeps the skin healthy by preventing irritation from the outside and loss of moisture from the inside.

However, let's say that unsuitable skincare, dry air, or unhealthy habits damage the barrier's ability to function and the skin would then struggle to retain moisture in as well as becoming more sensitive to external stimuli.

As a result, the surface texture of the skin becomes uneven and shriveled, which leads to the formation of dry fine wrinkles.

Some people may use a lot of blotting paper to remove the shine from their forehead. In reality, this action can cause dryness, which leads to dry fine wrinkles. When using blotting paper, take care not to overuse it.

2. Expression Wrinkles

The "frontalis muscles" are the muscles that move around the forehead; when these muscles stiffen, they get ingrained in the shape of facial expression and result in "expression wrinkles."

The forehead's "frontalis muscles" are linked to the eye muscles, and even if you aren't aware of it, the "frontalis muscles" move when the eye muscles move, making it a naturally tight and fatigued area.

If you check any of the following boxes, you may be prone to expression wrinkles.

  • Spend a lot of time on a computer or smartphone.
  • You raise your brows when trying to open your eyes wide.
  • Always tired around the forehead and eyes.

3. Deep wrinkles

As skin functions decline with age, deep wrinkles appear.

Collagen and elastin, two essential components found deep within the skin, help in maintaining the skin's firmness and moisture retention.

However, aging and the effects of UV rays cause a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin.

As collagen and elastin decrease, the skin loses its moisture and elasticity, and the skin is unable to keep its firmness, leading to deep wrinkles.

You stated that there are three types of forehead wrinkles.

That's right! Now I will tell you what to do when you have wrinkles on your forehead!

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What to do if you have forehead wrinkles.

No matter what, you probably want to get rid of wrinkles and make them less noticeable.
So, we'll tell you how to make each of the three wrinkles mentioned above less noticeable.

  1. How to make dry fine wrinkles on the forehead less noticeable.
  2. How to make expression wrinkles on the forehead less noticeable.
  3. How to make deep wrinkles on the forehead less noticeable.

1. How to make dry fine wrinkles on the forehead less noticeable.

For dry, fine lines on your forehead, it is important to moisturize your skin more than anything else.

With proper skin care, the dry fine wrinkles will most likely become less noticeable, and insufficient skincare routines may worsen dry skin.

Check if you're using the right skincare products by using the checklist below.

  • I wash my face by lathering and rolling the cleanser across my face.
  • I rinse my face with water or lukewarm water.
  • After I wash my face, I moisturize it within ten minutes.
  • I apply a lotion followed by an oily emulsion or cream

If your skincare routine is different from the above, it may cause your skin to get stressed.

Let's have a look at your skin care routine.

For example, applying lotion alone may make the skin even more dry, so use a milky lotion or cream to cover the skin and keep it from drying out. Additionally, take caution not to use face sheet masks for longer than 10 minutes at a time, since this will cause the moisture to evaporate and dry up your skin.

2. How to make expression wrinkles on the forehead less noticeable.

It is said that strengthening and relaxing the muscles might also be beneficial in preventing expression forehead wrinkles.

We will show you how to massage and strengthen the muscles.

【How to massage the forehead】

First, massage the "frontalis muscle" of the forehead to relax it.

However, directly touching the wrinkles on the forehead can put pressure on the skin which may worsen the expression wrinkles.

Therefore, the key to preventing expression forehead wrinkles is to relax the area around the scalp and eyebrows.

1. Place all four fingers over the eyebrows, excluding the thumb.
2. Press up from above the eyebrows toward the top of the head with the balls of your fingers.
3. Repeat step 2 while moving your fingers toward the back of your head.

In addition, those who frequently get wrinkles on their forehead also regularly raise and lower their eyebrows.

To avoid raising the brows and forehead, it is also recommended to do training to "open the eyes using only the muscles around the eyes" in order.

It may be difficult at first, but by strengthening the muscles around your eyes, you will be able to focus on your eye muscles to open them.

Let's exercise the "levator palpebrae muscle" near the inner corner of the eye.

【Levator palpebrae muscle exercise】

1. Tightly hold the brow and forehead muscles with your hand to keep them still.
2. Close and open your eyes 20 times with just your eyelids.

How often should I exercise the "levator palpebrae muscle"?

Let's aim to do it twice a week, roughly!

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3.How to make deep wrinkles on the forehead less noticeable.

Basically, it is difficult to make deep wrinkles less noticeable.

This is because deep wrinkles are caused by a reduction in collagen and elastin levels which comes with aging.

To minimize the loss of collagen and elastin, it is critical to keep the skin healthy by moisturizing it thoroughly, as explained in the section on dry fine wrinkles.

It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid stressing the skin.

What should I do to build a healthy lifestyle?

There are various ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, but the basics are to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep at night.

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When it comes to nutrition, it's critical to consume a balanced diet rather than just foods that are considered to be healthful.

Two ways to having youthful skin that prevents forehead wrinkles.

It is quite difficult to improve wrinkles once they have appeared.

So, it matters most to aim for healthy skin that prevents wrinkles from growing in your daily life, even before they appear.

Let's pay attention to the following two points in your daily life.

  1. Properly protect yourself from UV rays.
  2. Avoid causing eye tiredness.

1.Properly protect yourself from UV rays.

It is critical to guard against UV rays because it is estimated that UV rays cause 80% of skin aging.

UV-A and UV-B are the two wavelengths of UV rays that reach the ground, however UV-A causes the skin to lose its natural function by denaturing collagen and elastin, resulting in deep wrinkles.

In addition, UV damage builds up over time, so if UV protection is ignored, it will eventually show up as wrinkles and other skin issues like spots.

To protect yourself from UV rays, make sure you wear sunscreen indoors and outdoors throughout the year.

Would the UV-ray protection be perfect if I wore sunscreen?

Actually, sunscreen cannot provide complete UV protection. When protecting yourself from UV radiation, keep the following 5 things in mind!

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・Reapply sunscreen frequently
・Avoid going out when UV rays are strong
・Try to stay in the shade
・Use UV-care products such as parasols, hats, and sunglasses
・Wear long sleeves and long trousers and do not expose skin

2. Avoid causing eye tiredness.

When tiredness accumulates in the eyes, such as eyestrain, the eyebrow and forehead muscles are pulled out to try to open the eyes.

This might eventually lead to "expression wrinkles" on the forehead without noticing.

Especially, those who use cellphones and computers a lot should be extra careful because they tend to get eye tiredness easily.

Furthermore, those with poor vision or those who wear glasses that do not match their vision frequently squint to focus their eyes, which can easily cause "expression wrinkles" to appear on the forehead.
Avoid wrinkles between the eyebrows by wearing glasses or contact lenses that are healthy for your eyes.

When you have accumulated eye tiredness, press the acupressure points for eyes relief.
The acupressure points for eyes relief are “Sanchiku”, “Seimei”, and “Doushiryo”, as shown in the illustration.

Use your thumbs to gently stimulate the acupoints. It is best to go slowly so as not to irritate the sensitive skin surrounding the eyeballs and eyes.

Additionally, placing a warmed towel to the eye area is advised to increase blood circulation.

How can I make steamed towels?

For instructions on how how to make steamed towels, please see the following!

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How to make steamed towels

1. Wet a towel and squeeze it tightly.
2. Place it in the microwave and heat it for 30 to 1 minute at 500W to 600W
※Be careful not to burn yourself

Loose scalp can cause forehead wrinkles!

In fact, a loose scalp has been said to be the cause of forehead wrinkles.

This is because the skin of the face and the scalp are joined together, so when the scalp sags, the skin sags too.

Gravity causes sagging skin to sink downwards more and more.

As a result, the scalp muscles and skin push downwards, resulting in wrinkles on the forehead.

A scalp massage is suggested to increase blood circulation if you are concerned about a loose scalp.

How can I massage my scalp?

Let me explain it in more detail below.

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A simple scalp massage to prevent forehead wrinkles

We present a simple scalp massage as a way to avoid forehead wrinkles.

Head tightness is one of the reasons of a sagging forehead. Muscles and fascia connect the face and head, therefore let's release them one by one.

1. Wrap your scalp with your hands and slowlyloosen it until it becomes soft.
2. Relax the muscles between the eyebrows and around the forehead.
3. Pull up and move the muscles from the eyebrows to the hairline from the bottom to the top.

After showering and moisturizing, massage for 5 minutes every day.

Another helpful way is to lightly tap your hair with the balls of your fingers after brushing it all over in the morning, or to lightly rub and massage your entire head!

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I have learned a lot about forehead wrinkles! Thank you very much!

We are glad to have been of assistance! Let's look at it now that we summarized the main points of the article.

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  • There are three types of forehead wrinkles.
  • How to make each type of wrinkle less noticeable.
  • Live a healthy life to prevent skin problems.

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