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Most Effective Solutions for Facial Sagging! Introducing the Causes and Improvement Methods for Sagging,Wrinkles, and Double Chin.


Most effective for sagging face! Introducing causes of sagging,wrinkles, and double chins and how to im-prove them

When the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, it results in "Sagging." When it occurs in areas such as the cheeks, around the mouth, under the chin, and along the neckline, it can make you look older than your true age. So it is important to take action sooner.

This article introduces an overview of sagging skin, its causes, and 3 key points for improvement. Additionally, we provide exercises tips that can be effective for sagging in the face, cheeks, and jawline.
We hope you find this information useful!

What is Sagging Facial Skin?

The skin loses its elasticity due to damage caused by ultraviolet rays and the natural decrease and transformation of collagen as a result of aging. Additionally, a decrease in facial muscle mass can also lead to 'Sagging'. This can influence your appearance by causing laugh lines and making the eyes appear darker. If you've started to become concerned about sagging of your face, it's important to consider both the causes and potential countermeasures.

Causes of Sagging Face and Cheeks

There are 3 main causes of sagging of the face and cheeks: deterioration and decrease in collagen, loss of muscle mass, and swelling and fat gain.

As we age, collagen fibers lose their elasticity.

  1. Collagen deterioration and decrease.
  2. Loss of muscle mass.
  3. Swelling and fat gain.

Cause1. Collagen deterioration and decrease.

Collagen in the dermal layer has the ability to support the elasticity and firmness of the skin. When the ability to produce collagen declines, either its quantity decreases or its quality deteriorates due to ultraviolet rays, dryness, or aging, the epidermis is unable to support the skin, resulting in sagging.

Young collagen fibers are connected to each other like bridges, creating elasticity. However, as collagen fibers age, they become stiff and lose elasticity.

Cause2.Loss of muscle mass.

Facial muscles gradually deteriorate if not used, much like the muscles in the rest of the body deteriorate with age. Additionally, the force of gravity causes them to 'Sag'.

Facial muscles are located deep within the dermal layer, totaling over 40 different types. However, only about 30% of these muscles see regular use, leaving the remaining 70% likely underutilized on a daily basis.

Of all the muscles, facial muscles are the most challenging to train. Without regular movement, they tend to weaken. Therefore, we highly recommend face stretching*1 to fortify these muscles. By preventing muscle weakness through face stretching, you can also stave off other potential skin problems.

*1: Facial stretching refers to strengthening the facial muscles.

Cause3. Swelling and fat gain.

Swelling occurs when blood flow and lymphatic flow become stagnant, leading to a loss of tissue function in the dermal layer, which contributes to sagging.

Sagging is also said to arise from fatty areas. For example, rapid weight gain increases the amount of subcutaneous fat in the face, which reduces skin and muscle support, leading to sagging.

To prevent swelling and fat gain, try to avoid excessive salt intake and binge eating. Additionally, it is important to exercise and perform facial exercises to facilitate waste elimination and make the body less likely to gain weight.

Causes of Sagging Chin (Double Chins)

There are 3 main causes of sagging chin: poor posture, not chewing much when eating, and weakened muscle.

  1. Poor posture.
  2. Not chewing much when eating.
  3. Loss of muscle mass.

Cause1. Poor posture

Poor posture impedes blood flow and can cause accumulation of body waste products.
A hunched over posture tends to cause the face to look downward, which can contribute to water retention around the cheeks and chin, resulting in a sagging face.
Rounded shoulders can lead to a fat neck, sagging breasts and stiff neck and shoulder muscles. It can also lead to a double chin.
If you already developed a habit of having rounded shoulders, try regularly rotate your shoulders and shoulder blades to negate the negative effects.

Cause2. Not chewing much when eating

If you chew less, you move your jaw less, which weakens the jaw muscles and leads to a double chin.
For example, if you eat only soft foods, you will chew less because you can swallow without chewing much.
Try to increase opportunities to eat hard foods and chew more often.

Cause3. Decrease in muscle strength

Decrease in muscle strength of the facial muscles and neck area due to aging is another possible cause of a double chin.
As the facial muscles weaken, subcutaneous fat cannot be supported and falls downward into the face.
In addition, as the skin around the neck loses elasticity and flexibility, the muscle strength that supports it also deteriorates, which can easily lead to a double chin.

3 Care Points to Improve Sagging Face

To improve sagging, it is important to keep the following 3 points in mind.

  1. Improve posture and avoid looking at the smartphone too much
  2. Prevent skin aging and dryness
  3. Train your facial muscles

Point1. Improve posture and avoid looking at the smartphone too much.

The lower half of the face is characterized by the tendency of the skin to fall due to gravity. If you are hunched over, your face will face downward, which pulls the skin down more and makes the corners of your mouth droop easily. Similarly, looking down at a smartphone or tablet can also cause the corners of the mouth to drop.
The lowering of the skin causes sagging under the nose, cheeks, and chin, as well as laugh lines and marion-ette lines*2, giving an aged impression. It is important to be aware of correct posture on a daily basis so as not to hunch over or slouch.
*2: Vertical wrinkles that run from the sides of the mouth to the chin, like a ventriloquist doll (marionette). They are often caused by sagging of the skin and fascia of the cheeks.

Point2. Prevent skin aging and dryness

The elasticity and firmness of the skin is maintained by the firmness of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermic layer and sufficient moisture. However, as collagen and elastin decrease due to aging or dryness, this leads to facial sagging.
One of the causes of skin aging and dryness is “ultraviolet rays”. UV rays reach deep into the skin and damage the fibroblasts that produce hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. And reactive oxygen species generated by UV rays harden collagen fibers. Therefore, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness.
Thoroughly protect against UV rays and moisturize your skin to keep it as hydrated as possible.

Point3. Train your facial muscles

Sagging due to the deterioration of facial expression muscles is not only caused by aging. Sagging can also be caused by daily facial expression habits.
For example, if you have a habit of wrinkling your brows, you are straining the wrinkled brow muscles above the eyebrows and the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eyes. Since the muscles are under constant tension, the muscle fibers become enlarged and the muscles become larger. The skin on the forehead and eyelids falls and sags because the skin is pulled by the bulging muscles.
Besides, the muscles around the cheeks and jaw are easily affected by the way the mouth moves, the way we smile, and the alignment of our teeth. Clenching, grinding, and muscle tension caused by stress can also cause sagging skin.
Facial muscles are not one large muscle, but a collection of smaller muscles. Therefore, it is important to engage in face stretching, which has the effect of strengthening the muscles as a whole.

What Is The Most Effective Exercise for a Sagging Face?

The most effective exercise for a sagging face depends on which part of the face is sagging. Improve your sagging face by practicing exercises that are appropriate for the sagging face you are concerned about. Here are some recommended exercises for each part of the face.

  1. How to Improve Facial Sagging
  2. How to Improve Sagging Facial Lines
  3. How to Improve Laugh Lines
  4. How to Improve Marionette Lines
  5. How to Improve Sagging Eye Bags
  6. How to Improve Sagging Neck
  7. How to Improve Sagging Chin

1.How to Improve Facial Sagging

1. Open your mouth wide while looking up slightly, and say "A".

2. Raise the corners of your mouth slightly, and say "I".

3. Push your lips forward while squeezing your cheeks, and say “U".

4. Open your mouth wide with your lips curled inward, and say “E".

5. Thrust your mouth forward and say "O".

In this stretch, open your mouth wide and hold it for 5 seconds with each facial muscle engaged. Please repeat step1 to 5 slowly for about 5 times.

2. How to Improve Sagging Facial lines

Introducing some effective exercises for sagging facial lines.

1. Slowly turn your face upwards until you see the ceiling.
2. Push your lips up and stretch your face. Hold for 5 seconds.

The facial line has thick subcutaneous fat and is the part of the face most prone to sagging. By incorporating this exercise and staying consistent, you can expect to see improvement.

Well-balanced diet is important to prevent excess fat from accumulating around the face line. Also, be aware of hairstyles that pull the hair back as this can also cause sagging of the face line.

3. How to Improve Laugh lines

Exercises that relax the facial muscles are effective in improving laugh lines.

1. Place your middle and ring fingers under the cheekbones and press for 5 seconds.

2. Massage in an upward direction in small circles for 5 times to loosen them.

3. Slide your fingers behind the ears and press for 5 seconds, then massage in a circular motion 5 more times.

Resting your chin in your hands or not changing facial expression much can easily cause laugh lines to form. It is often an unconscious habit, so be aware of it and correct it as much as possible. If your facial expression does not change much, we recommend that you move your facial muscles in front of a mirror.

The "HE-shaped mouth" also causes the cheeks and mouth area to sag, so if this is a habit of yours, be conscious of it and try to correct it.

4. How to Improve Marionette Lines

To improve marionette lines, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles around the mouth.

1. With your eyes and mouth closed, thrust your lips forward and breath through nose for 3 seconds.

2. Open your eyes, keep your mouth closed, and puff out your cheeks. Do this 5 times.

Marionette lines are more likely to form when the muscles around the mouth get weak, so be sure to chew your food well. It is also recommended to increase the number of times you chew by eating hard or elastic foods. Remember to chew in a balanced manner on both sides of your mouth.

5. How to Improve Sagging Eye Bags

Stretching the eyelids is effective for sagging eye bags.

1. While counting to 5, slowly lower your upper eyelid and hold it just as it touches your lower eyelid.

2. From as it is, count to 5 and slowly pull up the eyebrows and hold for 5 seconds.

3. Stretch the space between the eyebrows and eyelids and slowly open the eyelids.
The skin around the eye bags is thin and prone to dryness, so even the slightest irritation can cause damage. Rubbing the eyes or staring at the TV or computer for long periods of time can also cause sagging. It is im-portant to rest the eyes moderately.

6. How to Improve Sagging Neck

Introducing 2 effective exercises for a sagging neck.

Effective exercise for a sagging neck ①:

1. Keep your neck steady, and slowly thrust your chin out and look upward.
2. Keep your lips out and breathe.

3. When you feel your neck stretching comfortably, take 2 or 3 breaths and return your neck to its original position.

Do 3 sets of the above. This improves blood circulation, which not only improves sagging neck, but helps tone the skin.

Effective exercise for a sagging neck ②:

1. Correct your posture by pulling your shoulder blades together.
2. Look in the mirror and raise your face so that the line connecting the center of your collarbone and your chin forms a triangle.

3. Be aware not to break the triangle, and keep the posture.

If the triangle is not maintained, the neck will sag and wrinkles will form. Correct your posture so that a proper triangle is formed, and always try to maintain a natural body position.

How to Improve Sagging Chin

Facial line massage and lymphatic massage are effective for sagging chin.

Face line massage

Facial line massage is recommended for sharp contours. It is easy to do using just your own fingers.

1. Bend your index and middle fingers
2. Pinch your chin between both hands and pull up
3. Once pulled up to the ear, continue to massage the ear in a circular motion

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is effective for improving double chin and neck wrinkles.

1. Apply cream to the entire neck and pull up the face line from under the chin to under the ears
2. Route the lymphatic system under the ear, down the side of the neck, and into the hollow of the collarbone
3.It is recommended to massage during a relaxing time, such as after bathing or before bedtime.

Sagging chin can be caused by the habit of looking down, such as looking at your smartphone or reading. Use massage to eliminate sagging chin.

Eliminate Sagging of the Face to Avoid Looking Older

Facial sagging can be caused by a number of factors, including aging, dry skin, UV rays and loss of facial muscle strength. Facial sagging can affect your visual age, so identify the causes of sagging and take action sooner. It is also recommended to take up exercise, which is effective against facial sagging.

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