When you shop on the global official website, you will earn 1 point for every JPY 100 spent, which you can use to redeem the point reward gifts.




How to Earn Points

Points will automatically accumulate when you shop on our global official website. You can check your earned points and view your point history on your "My Account."

How to Use Points

You can redeem your points for various reward gifts on our official global website by following these simple steps
  • 1. Click on the "" menu on your "My Account."

  • 2. Select your preferred gift on the "Points Redemption" page.

  • 3. A pop-up screen will appear to confirm your selected gift item. Please review your selection to ensure it is correct.

  • 4. If the selected gift item is correct, click the "REDEEM NOW" button. If you would like to change the selected gift, click the "x" button to go back and make a new selection.

    *If you wish to redeem multiple gifts, simply repeat steps 1-4 for each item.

Please Note:

  • The points earned from this purchase can be used for your next purchase onward.
  • Points earned will remain valid for 180 days from the purchase date. For more details on point validity, please check your point history on "My Account." (Please note that the validity period of bonus points may vary.)
  • Points earned cannot be exchanged for use towards purchasing or shipping fees.
  • Points earned can only be used for purchases on our global official website.


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