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Explaining the 6 Causes of Deep Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)! Also introducing how to prevent and improve the appearance of nasolabial folds.

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As we age, the nasolabial folds become a concern that can make us look older.

While many women make an effort in skincare to improve them, some may feel, 'I don't really see any improvement,' or 'It seems to be deepening rather than softening'.

Nasolabial folds can significantly impact a woman's beauty, but there are measures you can take in your daily care routine to minimize their appearance.

In our article, we introduce the causes of deep nasolabial folds, common concerns, provide habits for treatment, and offer skincare tips for both preventing and improving nasolabial folds.

If you are concerned about nasolabial folds,we recommend you to explore the information shared in our article.

What are "nasolabial folds"?

Nasolabial folds, often referred to as "smile or laugh lines", are the lines or wrinkles that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They become more prominent with age and facial expressions.

Causes of deep nasolabial folds

The causes of deepening nasolabial folds are mainly related to the following 6 factors:

  1. Sagging cheeks
  2. Dehydrated Skin
  3. Using wrong skincare
  4. Poor posture
  5. Chewing on one side of the mouth
  6. Disruptions in Lifestyle Habits

1. Sagging cheeks

Nasolabial folds become more noticeable when cheeks begin to sag, which may occur due to weight loss or gain. Weight loss reduces the fat tissue under the skin and weakens the supporting muscles. While gaining weight can make the cheeks appear larger, both situations contribute to accentuating the nasolabial folds. Therefore, it is crucial to train the facial muscles and maintain skin firmness.

2. Dehydrated Skin

You may notice that wrinkles become more noticeable in winter as the skin tends to lack moisture.Typically, smile lines may only appear as wrinkles when you laugh or smile, but over time, these repetitive expressions can cause the wrinkles to become static. Moreover, if the skin is dehydrated, it loses its ability to snap back into place, leading to the deepening of the Nasolabial folds.

Additionally, UV rays are also a factor that can cause to dehydrated skin. If you don't protect yourself from UV rays, such as, using sunscreen or raising umbrella, can lead to moisture loss in the skin and leading to the appearance of wrinkles, lines and dark spots.

3. Using wrong skincare

We imagine many people who put a lot of effort into skincare to maintain youthful skin.

However, scrubbing when cleansing and washing the face or excessive washing and peeling can damage the stratum corneum, making it easier for wrinkles to form on the skin.

Naturally, damage to the stratum corneum also affects laugh lines, so it is important to review your own skincare methods.

4. Poor posture

Since nasolabial folds can worsen due to sagging cheeks, individuals who tend to slouch or sleep facing only one way may experience gravity-induced sagging in the cheeks, which can result in the formation of wrinkles.

5. Chewing on one side of the mouth

Chewing with only one side of the mouth can lead to facial imbalance and increase the likelihood of fixed wrinkles around the mouth. It worsens laugh lines as well. Therefore, it's essential to develop a habit of chewing with a balanced distribution between the left and right sides of your mouth.

6. Disruption of lifestyle habits

Disruption of lifestyle habits can dry out the skin and can be a cause of making laugh lines more visible.

It is important to lead a regular lifestyle, as those who have a nutritional imbalance due to irregular eating habits and those who smoke can also cause skin dryness and metabolic disorders.

It is believed that taking vitamin A (e.g. liver and carrots), vitamin C (e.g. Japanese mustard spinach and broccoli), and vitamin E (e.g. nuts such as almonds, brown rice, and soy) in the daily diet can help to moisturize the skin from the inside.

Common concerns about nasolabial folds

Common concerns related to nasolabial folds include the following:

  • Nasolabial folds have become more noticeable, leading to a decrease in confidence.
  • Foundation tends to accumulate in the nasolabial folds.
  • Fine lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds have become prominent due to dryness, making one feel the signs of aging.
  • Nasolabial folds seem to be constantly present on my face.
  • Nasolabial folds, crow's feet, and forehead wrinkles are becoming more noticeable due to age.
  • Recognizing the issue of nasolabial folds, but understanding that with aging, it becomes inevitable.
  • Wrinkles around the eyes are not overly prominent, but nasolabial folds around the mouth are a concern.
  • With aging, the nasolabial folds have deepened, and there's a subtle sense of sagging becoming apparent.

A common concern related to nasolabial folds is the feeling of "aging."

Nasolabial folds can contribute to an older appearance, leading to perceptions of aging. Additionally, sagging cheeks can give your facial expression a slightly downturned look, indicating a loss of skin firmness. On the other hand, firm skin makes nasolabial folds less noticeable, offering a more youthful impression and reflecting beauty emanating from inner confidence.

For those concerned about nasolabial folds, addressing the issue early through treatment is advisable. Taking proactive measures can help maintain a youthful and confident appearance.

Habits for treating the nasolabial fold

There are two recommended habits you can adopt to help improve nasolabial fold care:

  1. Facial Muscle Exercises
  2. Regular Facial Massages

1. Facial Muscle Exercises

Strengthening facial muscles can enhance support for the cheeks, effectively suppressing sagging and contributing to the improvement of nasolabial folds.

There are several methods for toning facial muscles, and here are five recommendations:

1. Pronounce "a-i-u-e-o" loudly while moving your mouth extensively.
2. Smile by lifting both corners of your mouth to show the upper teeth.
3. Close your mouth and trace the underside of the nasolabial folds with your tongue.
4. Stretch the trapezius muscles, which extend from the back of the head to the back, by tilting your head from the occiput.
5. Chew gum or hard substances regularly.

Since the trapezius muscles are connected to facial muscles, targeting muscles in the head, back, neck, and décolleté can be effective in improving nasolabial folds.

2. Regular Facial Massages

Massaging and releasing the ligaments beneath the cheekbones can help maintain the facial muscles and skin.

Here is a three-step massage technique to release these ligaments:

1. Place your thumb on the side of your nostril, below the cheekbone, and press diagonally upward, holding for 3 seconds.
2. Continue massaging along the cheekbone, moving outward.
3. Once you've massaged to the edge of the cheekbone (below the outer corner of the eye, along the extended line), you're done.

Since it only involves lifting with the thumb, it's an easy technique for anyone, and you can do it during short breaks, as it takes only 2 minutes a day.
Morever, you can split the massage into one-minute sessions in the morning and evening, or do it continuously for 2 minutes. It's best to apply just enough pressure that it feels "painful but pleasurable."
However, if you feel discomfort, it indicates that the ligaments under the cheek may be stiff. For effective release, it's recommended to do this after a bath or during your skincare routine.

Causes of nasolabial folds in the 20s

In your 20s, the primary reasons for the appearance of nasolabial folds include "skin dryness" and "not using the facial muscles.

【Skin Dryness】

Insufficient protection against UV rays leading to a loss of skin elasticity and inadequate moisturizing care resulting in dry skin are common factors that make nasolabial folds more noticeable.
To prevent skin dryness and as a UV protection measure, it's essential to regularly apply sunscreen cream and ensure thorough moisturizing care.

【Not using facial muscles】

Prolonged use of cell phones or computers often leads to expressionlessness, as facial muscles are not being utilized. This lack of muscle use results in the weakening of facial muscles. Consequently, the face loses its firmness, and laugh lines may form.

To counteract this, incorporating facial exercises and massages into your routine can gradually reduce the visibility of laugh lines.

Skincare tips for both preventing and improving nasolabial folds

Tip1. Clean your face properly

To protect and improve nasolabial folds, it's essential to begin with proper facial care. Start by removing excess oil with a cleanser, and then gently cleanse the skin with a facial cleanser to eliminate impurities left in the pores. Importantly, avoid vigorously rubbing the face.

After washing your face, pat it gently with a clean cloth. This method promotes skin health and helps prevent the formation of nasolabial folds.

Tip2. Keep your skin moisturized

Effective skincare for nasolabial folds involves preventing skin dryness. In your skincare routine, consider products that include collagen or hyaluronic acid, focusing on nourishing specific areas prone to nasolabial folds, such as the mouth.

Make sure to take care of your skin every day, whether by using collagen-containing products or maintaining a consistent skincare routine in the morning and evening.

Tip3. Shielding your skin from UV rays

UV rays pose a formidable threat, capable of drying out your skin. Whether you find yourself outdoors or indoors, UV rays can penetrate through windows, underscoring the importance of daily UV protection.

When venturing outside, opt for protective measures such as wearing long-sleeved clothing, a hat, and applying sunscreen.

"UV Dress Cream" stands out as a noteworthy solution. This cream offers robust UV protection with SPF50+ and PA++++ and is enriched with moisturizing elements like hyaluronic acid and squalane.

Not only does it protect your skin's moisture, but it also nurtures damaged skin. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin tones, making it an ideal choice as a makeup base.
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Keeping well-hydrated skin with the power of collagen

Even though nasolabial folds might give off the appearance of aging, treating them can make you look younger.

It's never too late to begin caring for them.

To keep your age-appropriate beauty, we recommend consistently incorporating exercises for your facial muscles, massages, and nourishing your skin into your daily routine. This is crucial for effective self-care.

Collagen is widely known as a component that maintains skin moisture, firmness, and elasticity.

However, with age, the skin's inherent self-repairing power diminishes. Additionally, factors like dryness and UV rays worsen the condition of skin cells that have lost vitality, resulting in a decline in both the quantity and quality of collagen. This decline is particularly noticeable around the thin skin of the mouth area.

To prevent these concerns from worsening, it's essential for the skin to produce collagen daily, ensuring that it remains filled with moisture and maintains its firmness.

Delivering the power of collagen* by moisturizing the skin
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Boosting the power of collage*
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Maintaining the skin's firmness with collagen*

A nourishing cream helps boost collagen production in the skin, promoting firmer and more lustrous skin. It contains high-performance ingredients, including high-quality collagen. It works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin looking revitalized and healthy.

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Protecting collagen* damage
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