Milky Veil Lotion

Protect fragile aging skin by enhancing the barrier function.

Product Name Milky Veil Lotion

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 100mL
Portion to be used 1 push
Usage Period

About 70 days

Reward Points:2Points

Veil the full surface of your skin

Lotion that locks nutrients which has gained from previous treatment, it protects skin from outside stimulation and inside damage.

As the last step in Essential 4, Milky Veil Lotion locks the moisturizers and nutrients of skin and be the first barrier for aging skin.

[Beautifully effective] Extraordinary protection from 3 layers of barrier

"Sebum Barrier", "Horny Layer Barrier" and "Horny Cells Tight Junctions Barrier". These three layers have their different roles to protect skin from damage all day long. As the last item of Essential 4, Milky Veil Lotion shield your skin and moisturize skin by balancing lipid.

The feeling of "protection"
As you smooth on the lotion, it feels rather like a protective veil over your skin. When you massage the lotion into your skin with both hands, it gently spreads and wraps your skin.

Comments about Milky Veil Lotion

Age Group 50s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Sensitive Skin Problem Wrinkles
Comments I was so surprised at how moisturized and elastic my skin has become. I have used different skincare products but Domohorn Wrinkle is really different.

Age Group 30s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Wrinkles
Comments Just a second after applying the lotion, it no longer feels sticky. My skin feels surprisingly refreshed! This means the lotion has been fully absorbed.

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