Using the Full Lineup

Domohorn Wrinkle offers a set of 8 products that bring out
the “Fundamental Skin Power”.

Each product of Domohorn Wrinkle brings out the effectiveness of others and produces the maximum effect for your skin.The key point to reducing worries about aging skin lievs in strengthening the fundamental power of skin. which weakens with age. Using the full line rather than just single products brings out a synergy which improves the effect on the skin. Maintaining your skin every day and night to raise the fundamental power of skin.leading to naturally beautiful skin.

Essential 4: The basic four items of Domohorn Wrinkle

By preparing with Refining 3, the benefits of the precious ingredients of Essential 4 can be maximized.
These four products do not simply "add" but "multiply" the effect of each product to bring out your skin's resilience, clarity and shine from inside out.


  • Hydration
  • Foster water circulations
  • Self-moisturizing
  • Constantly moisturized skin

By revitalizing basal lamina, Cream20 can more easily penetrate deep into the your skin.


  • Replenish the nutrients that dermis needed
  • Promotes the power to generate healthy dermis
  • Each layer of your skin is reborn from the base

As each layer is fully moisturized,
Vital White Essence can more
easily penetrate to the base of skin

Vital White Essence

  • Revive vitality from the base of your skin
  • Correct the function of your epidermis
  • Continually produce the necessary substances for your skin.

Milky Veil Lotion fully
protect after building
the base of your skin.

Milky Veil Lotion

  • Seal moisture and nutrients
  • Protect skin from internal and external damage
  • Balancing lipid

Refining 3: To maximize the benefits of Essential 4

When your skin is tired, even you use the same ingredients will be less effective.
Refining 3 restore bare skin by removing all dirt and damage.
This enables Essential 4 Products to permeate more easily into your skin and maximizes the benefits.

Remove dirt


Oil-in-Gel Remover

Remove makeup and sebum

  • Gently cleanses your heavy makeup
  • Less friction that suitable for fragile aging skin
  • Relaxing aroma from natural rose

Wash up

Day Night

Silky Cream Foam

Clean up dirt and dead skin cells in pore

  • Fluffy foam can remove the dirt inside pores
  • Tighten pores
  • Moisturized and will not feel tight after wash

Remove damage


Softening Foam Mask

Remove harmful substances

  • Rich foam texture that 20 times delicate than fresh cream
  • Provide vitamins, minerals and hydrate damaged skin
  • Revert soften and luminous skin

*For Product No.3 Softening Foam Mask, overseas (Excluding Japan,Thailand and Taiwan) delivery is prohibited by aviation regulations due to foam-producing liquefied gas contained.

Daytime Solution: Prevent damage from UV rays.

Blocks UV rays and cures damaged skin to pursue the natural beauty of bare aging skin.



UV Dress Cream

Aid recovery while protecting it from UV rays.

  • Recover from UV ray damage
  • Smoothen uneven surface and color, leads to the transparency of bare skin
  • Retain moisture

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