[Limited Edition] Total 7 & Moist and Glow Gift Set

集卸妝、潔面、滋潤和守護於一身的Total 7。 Domohorn Wrinkle的產品互相配合,讓功效最大化。誠意邀請您體驗這全方位護膚套裝帶來的「1+1>2」護膚效果!
期間限定的套裝禮品有: "Luxury Vanity Bag,每年都大受好評的肌はづみ彈潤肌,方便旅行或外出使用的Total 7(For 3 days),為肌膚帶來滿滿營養和滋潤的 "Moisturizing Face Mask",重點修護眼周唇周的 "Eye & Mouth Care Essence"。

・Oil-in-Gel Remover (110g/約60日份)
・Silky Cream Foam (110g/約60日份)
・Intense Hydrator (120mL/約60日份)
・Vital White Essence (30mL/約60日份)
・Cream20 (30g/約60日份)
・Milky Veil Lotion (100mL/約70日份)
・UV Dress Cream (25g/約75日份)

¥48,000 JPY

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Gift Set

①Luxury Vanity Bag
Domohorn Wrinkle特製的化妝袋。 帶有光澤感的香檳粉外表,配合深藍色裏布 令化妝袋整體感覺更高級。 剛好的大小和有厚度的質感也是我們用心的部分。 可以用於收納化妝品或飾物等小物。

②Moisturizing Face Mask(4包)
密封式設計的面膜內含豐富的植物精華,只需10分鐘即可完全地滲透至肌膚, 有助緩和肌膚底層的疲勞與放鬆壓力。(在基本4點後使用)

③Eye & Mouth Care Essence(10mL)
雙眼的細紋、 眼袋、 黑眼圈及唇部肌膚細紋看似微小, 卻有舉足輕重的影響。Eye & Mouth Care Essence提取大地與海洋的精華, 補充眼唇肌膚水分, 讓肌膚回復柔軟豐潤。

④14-Day Intensive Booster(含14包,每次使用1包)
於晚間護理的Essential 4前使用的美容導入液。 連續14日使用,讓滿滿的營養集中導入肌膚。實現充滿彈力、光澤和水潤的肌膚。

⑤Full Series 3-Day Set
Domohorn Wrinkle 7 點產品的3日份套裝

Full Series 7 items

Each Domohorn Wrinkle product has its own effect, and they can complement each other for maximum effect when used together!
(1) Remove makeup
(2) Cleanse while retaining moisture
(3) Restore damaged skin
(4) Moisturize thoroughtly
(5) Reduce wrinkles while preventing dark spots
(6) Enhance skin firmness
(7) Strengthen skin barrier
(8) Protect skin from UV rays

*Softening Foam Mask (3) cannot be delivered to overseas.
*If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please consult with us before using. 

Improve the signs of aging skin

✔ The integration of Kampo concept and cutting-edge skin science
✔ Advice from skin specialists
✔ Safety commitments, such as paraben-free
✔ Quality control of in-house manufacturing


Natural ingredients from around the world. "Gentle to the skin" "Beneficial for the skin"
①Yabatsui Extract: Repair UV damaged skin
②Changbai Ginseng Extract: Firm skin
③Tripletail Penetrating Collagen: Gives skin elasticity
④Shiranui Chrysanthemum: Maintains skin health
⑤Tulip Extract: Prevent skin irritation
⑥Guava Leaf Extract: Moisturizes skin