Reward gift④

Radiant Oil

Created by utilizing the wisdom of Chinese medicine, Fermented oil has better absorption to the skin and also create elastic skin.Despite a light texture of the oil, it can help to moisturize the aged skin that is easy to lose skin moisture.Relax your skin and your mind by massaging with the oil after using cream 20.

How to apply
After using cream 20, take 1-2 pushes on the palm.Apply it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin with your fingertips and gently blend it to your entire face.For massaging, 2 pushes are recommended.

Neck Zone Essence

This special cream for the neck contains botanical essence such as “maple leaves”, “houttuynia” and “swertia japonica”, etc. The perfect solution is designated for the neck skin troubles such as sagginess and dullness, etc., which results in a more youthful impression.

How to apply
・Take a suitable amount (almond sized) on the hand then evenly massage with the cream around the neck.
・Apply from the front bottom of the neck to the chin.
・Slide the fingers along the jaw lines to the bottom of the ears, and then move from there toward the collar bones.