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<Beauty Bathing>
Beauty bath liquid is perfect for gently stimulating slow blood circulation while promoting the health of your body and skin.
It is also designed for use as a bath cosmetic by just adding it to your bathtub to moisturize your skin.
The subtle, gentle scent and luxurious plant-derived oils provide a pleasant and relaxing effect, leaving your entire body moist and smooth.
Content: 320mL

How to use
・Fill your bathtub with warm water and and pour one capful of "Beauty Bathing" into it.
・After pouring, gently spread "Beauty Bathing" evenly to achieve a perfect bath.

<Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel>
A luxury face towel that boosts the performance of Domohorn Wrinkle skincare routine, which was created with a focus on "soft skin-friendly," "quickly absorption," and "trusted quality.".
Imabari towels are also a symbol of Japanese quality and this towel is created using Japan's world-class Imabari textile technology.
Content: 1 piece
Material: 100% cotton
Size: approx. 33cm×75cm

How to use
・After washing your face, use the "Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel" to gently wipe it off, and then follow your skincare routine.