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<Mild Sun Protection>(SPF50+ PA++++)
A full-body sunscreen that protects your skin against harmful UV rays during the day and thoroughly hydrates it. The emulsion texture is gentle and easy to spread all over your body. It can also be used on children.
*Silicone Free/UV Absorber Free/Paraben Free/Ethanol Free
Content: 30mL

How to apply
・Shake it up and down thoroughly, then evenly apply an appropriate amount to your body.

<Day Protection Gel>
Mixing the product with Milky Veil Lotion significantly improves the skin's barrier function, offering enhanced protection against dryness throughout the day. It is recommended to use it as a supplementary item, particularly during periods of dryness.
Content: 12g

How to apply: Mix with No. 7 Milky Veil Lotion and apply it every morning.
・Add a small pearl-size of this essence to No.7 Milky Veil Lotion on your hand and mix well.
・Slowly press your hands on your face, hold and count 1, 2, 3. Then press in various positions until it covers the entire face.