[Limited Edition] Essential 4 & Gifts

"Essential 4" for daily skincare routine that focuses on boosting the skin's self-repairing power, and addresses the root causes of age-related skin problems. For a limited-time offer, this set includes a "Minimal Crossbody Bag", the all-time popular "14-Day Intensive Booster", and the "Full Series 3-Day Set". "Essential 4" will also be packaged in an exclusive gift box that is only available to those who purchase this set.

【Net content】
・Intense Hydrator (120mL / For 60 days)
・Vital White Essence  (30mL / For 60 days)
・Cream20 (30g / For 60 days)
・Milky Veil Lotion (100mL / For 70 days)
¥33,000 JPY

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Gift Set

① Minimal Crossbody Bag
A crossbody bag with a minimal design and plenty of pockets in a compact size.
The main body is a deep dark navy that is simple for everyday use and suitable for both men and women.
The bronze gold lining gives a subtle touch, and the compact size lets you to securely store your smartphone and other small items. It is practical for daily outings. ○Material: Nylon, polyester, zinc alloy, steel
○Size: Approximately 11.5 x 3 x 19cm (main body part)
○Country of manufacture: China

② 14-Day Intensive Booster (14 sachets:1 sachet for single use)
This is a beauty serum that is highly recommended to use before applying Essential 4 to your nighttime skincare routine.
By using it for 14 consecutive nights, it will intensively deliver plenty of nutritional ingredients to your skin, giving you firm, glowing, and moisturized skin.

③ Full Series 3-Day Set
Domohorn Wrinkle 7 items for 3 days

What is the Essential 4 set?

The Essential 4 set is a 4-item set of Domohorn Wrinkle's skincare routine that works together to enhance the "skin's self-repairing power."

Each Domohorn Wrinkle product has its own effect on improving the signs of aging skin, such as wrinkles and spots. Additionally, using Essential 4 together can exert a complementary effect, which is more ideal than the expectation of using them individually.

*If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please consult with us before using.

Improve the signs of aging skin

✔ The integration of Kampo concept and cutting-edge skin science
✔ Advice from skin specialists
✔ Safety commitments, such as paraben-free
✔ Quality control of in-house manufacturing


Natural ingredients from around the world. "Gentle to the skin" "Beneficial for the skin"
①Yabatsui Extract: Repair UV damaged skin
②Changbai Ginseng Extract: Firm skin
③Tripletail Penetrating Collagen: Gives skin elasticity
④Shiranui Chrysanthemum: Maintains skin health
⑤Tulip Extract: Prevent skin irritation
⑥Guava Leaf Extract: Moisturizes skin