Interview of Domohorn Wrinkle members

My job is very stressful, like a race against time.
Sometimes, I could not sleep well. Then, my face would look dull; the spots would become more obvious; and scaling skin would start up. If I applyed skin care which is not enough natural at that time, skin troubles happened.On the road of skin care, I had made a detour, but I am so glad that I have met Domohorn Wrinkle.
Expensive skin care product may not suit everyone, but the one which fit you is the best skin care product.
Because of her heavy workload, Ms. Shi tended to buy high priced skin care product for rewarding herself. However, there is another reason. "When I was in my early 30s, one day a leaflets distributors called me "Āyí"(middle age woman) when I am walking on the street. I was so mad about it. I asked myself is my skin looked that bad. Then, I started to take good care of my skin." However, it is not easy for someone who has sensitive skin. "Beauty counter in department store won't give many samples. If I want to try, I have to buy the products. So far, I have thrown too much money on buying skin care that is not suit me. Fortunately, I met Domohorn Wrinkle."
The moisture of Intense Hydrator is not only touchable, but also observable. Therfore, I bought it after using the 3-day trial set without any hesitation.
Ms. Shi said her first impression of Domohorn Wrinkle is gentle-to-skin and natural. "From the very first Oil-in-gel Remover, I do feel it is very gentle to skin. It gently cleans my skin up. In addition, my sensitive skin around eyes and mouth didn't burn or sting when using it." Ms. Shi told us she have fell in love with Intense Hydrator instantly when she tried it. "I love Intense Hydrator; it has a thick texture. It will be a bit sticky after applying. I think it is the sign of "turly" moisturized. If I use the moisturizers which have lighter texture, I." Ms. Shi brought Domohorn Wrinkle after using the 3-day trial set, as she can feel the changes occured in her skin. "It is not easy to find skin care products that suit me.
Glowing skin makes me feel more confident and attractive. I do not need to worry people call me
"I think that brightness of skin is more important than any clothing. That's why I won't be stingy on buying skin care products. Shining skin is much more eye-catching than wearing nice clothing." Finally, when we asked Ms. Shi what is the biggest change occured in herself in this 2 years, she answered,"Domohorn Wrinkle helped me to get back beautiful glowing skin with no skin problems!"

※The above information is strictly personal;
effects may vary depending on skin condition.

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