Interview of Domohorn Wrinkle members

Before my retirement, I had spent all my time in my career and for taking care my children. It was impossible for me to take time doing skincare. At that time, my face looked dull and the spots on my face had gotten more obvious. After I met Domohorn Wrinkle, I know it is the answer for my skin problems.
It improved my dull-looking skin, and help minimize pores. I am talking about 'just finish the 3 day trial set'
"When I got the trial set, I was very excited to see how it can improve my facial skin, but Domohorn Wrinkle has totally exceeded my expectation." said Ms. Ye. "After the cleansing step, I looked in the mirror, I could see my face was lighted up! And then when I used up the trial set, I can see there's radiant on my face, and the pores shrinked, as if my skin is telling me it is the best skin-care for myself." The Essential4 products have also made good impression on Ms. Ye. "Moisturizing is a very important part in skin-care. I like the skin's supple, dewy-moist feeling after applying Intense Hydrator very much. It is hard to imagine that I could have this skin in my age. On the other hand, the Vital white Essence has faded the spots on my face. I am confident to hang out with my friends without makeup now."
I saw flaws on face before I met Domohorn
Wrinkle. Now I see changes when I look in mirror, of course they are good changes.
Ms. Ye also said that she had been got used to the fast-paced life when she was working in a bank. "I did not want to waste time on skin-care. I just want to finish it fast when I apply skin-care products, but it changed since I started using Domohorn Wrinkle. I have to wait until each product is totally absorbed by my skin. It taught me to slow down myself and enjoy my life. I have become more relax than before." After using Domohorn Wrinkle for 18 months, Ms. Ye's skin condition have been much better. It makes her love to look in the mirror once again. "In the days I got bad skin condition, every time when I look in the mirror, I saw new skin problems appeared on my face. Now, when I look in the mirror, I see the good changes on my face!"

※The above information is strictly personal;
effects may vary depending on skin condition.

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