Intense Hydrator

Activate aquaporin, fully moisturize skin from inside out that lasts.

Product Name Intense Hydrator

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 120mL
Portion to be used Size of a 25 cents coin
Usage Period

About 60 days

Reward Points:2Points

R&D Department Takako Nishimura

"Thoroughly Moisturize", the unique Intense Hydrator.

Intense Hydrator moisturizes and improves the texture of your skin. It increases the natural power of your skin to soften and moisturize itself. We pursue the exclusive toner for aging skin. Intense Hydrator makes you enjoy to put it on your face everytime.

R&D Department / Takako Nishimura

The first item from Essential 4

Intense Hydrator is the first step of the Essential 4 for aging skin. It is important because it can boost the effects of the other 3 items by 120%.
The key ingredients are Ginseng Fermented Essence* which provides moisture, Guava Leaf* which brings out the moisture and Hachiya Persimmon* which locks in the moisture. Intense Hydrator gives you a calm, clear and soft skin and prepares your skin to absorb the nutrients from the other three Essential 4 items more thoroughly.

*Changbai Ginseng Ferment Essence: Keep healthy skin
*Guava Leaf Essence: Maintains skin flexibility‧Keep healthy skin
*Hachiya Persimmon Essence: Improve skin texture

Strictly selected ingredients to moisturize skin

Lack of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) causes dry skin problems and affects skin self-nourishing power. Intense Hydrator contains the Strawberry Flower Essence* that can foster self-nourishing power to restore skin tenderness.

*Moisturize skin

Deeply feel the effects by "The sense of use"

When pour onto palm, you can feel the thick texture from the rich moisturizing ingredients.
After your skin is fully moisturized, you can feel the skin tenderness and your palms begin to cling to your face. It can also improve skin texture so the following items like the essence can be more easily to be absorbed.

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