Softening Foam Mask

Brings out moisture with fine and thick foam and replenishes vital energy for smooth and healthy skin.

Product Name Softening Foam Mask

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥12,000
Net Weight 80g
Portion to be used Size of golf ball
Usage Period

About 45 times

*Overseas (Excluding Japan,Thailand and Taiwan) delivery is prohibited by aviation regulations due to foam-producing liquefied gas contained in this product.
For ordering information, please contact us by email.

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Research and Development Department / Ryouta Tanooka

Effects and sense of use that encourage long term usage

Please use it before "Essential 4" as an aging skincare solution to removing accumulated inner skin damages.

Research and Development Department / Ryouta Tanooka

"Sunflower"--a new approach to vitality

As a new solution to removing accumulated skin damages for aging skin, Sunflower Sprouts Essence* is combined into "Softening Foam Mask". Sunflower has full charged power that helps to discharge unnecessary protein, and promotes a friendly environment for the growth of good proteins.

*Sunflower Sprouts Essence:Improving the skin quality

A color and aroma uplift your sensational enjoyment.

We selected the exclusive color and fragrance as we wish you may enjoy the bubble mask time.
The Pink Orange color from Tomato Essence and Vitamin B12, and the fragrance from Rose and Bergamot create a naturally healing with relaxing experience.

※Tomato Essence: Keep skin healthy
※Vitamin B12: Improve skin texture.Give skin brightness
※Rose: Moisturizing
※Bergamot: Moisturize the skin

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