Softening Foam Mask

Brings out moisture with fine and thick foam and replenishes vital energy for smooth and healthy skin.

Product Name Softening Foam Mask

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥12,000
Net Weight 80g
Portion to be used Size of golf ball
Usage Period

About 45 times

*Overseas (Excluding Japan,Thailand and Taiwan) delivery is prohibited by aviation regulations due to foam-producing liquefied gas contained in this product.
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Let's prepare your skin to get ready for the translucent and luminous skin

Even after applying the daliy skincare treatment you may feel your skin is still feel tired. Any environment changes or stress would cause your skin to suffer serious damages. If you cannot remove these damages inside your skin, your skin will become dullness and lose the nutrients.

The richness of foam from Softening Foam Mask can remove the harmful substances and let your skin to revert soften and luminous skin.

[Beautifully effective] Well prepare for your aging skin with the rich foam

Just as a vegetables get soften when steamed, your skin also softens upon steaming. This is the same principle of the Softening Foam Mask. After applying the mask to completely cover the face. It gives your skin soften and then allowing the nourishing ingredients to be fully penetrated.This is the main function of this mask.

Repairing the inside damages, at the same time, let's the nutrients fully permeate. So, the Essential 4 can develop the efficacy.

Filling in the sufficient nutrients to the skin
The richness of foam can assist the skin to recover the damages inside the skin and then provide the nutrients needed, e.g. Vitamins, minerals and Amino acid and etc. Having the health and gloss of your skin if those nutrients can premeate into your skin.

Comments about Softening Foam Mask

Age Group 50s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Common Skin Problem Slack
Comments This is the item that attracted me the most when I used the trial set. I used it after bathing. I have tried different foaming masks, but this is the first that has given me such a good fluffy and soft feeling. I feel it's very tender to my skin.

Age Group 50s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Spots
Comments Due to my work I don't have much time for masks, but I sometimes use a mask before I go out at weekends. The next day I always feel my skin is very refreshed. I noticed that my skin is getting lighter too. It is also easier to put my makeup on, so I can have good mood all day! I must say these effects do surprise me.

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