Vital White Essence

Revive vitality and transparency of the skin by vitalizing basal lamina and improving the metabolism.

Product Name Vital White Essence

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥10,000
Net Weight 30mL
Portion to be used 1 push
Usage Period

About 60 days

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R&D Department Yutaka Imayoshi

We wanted you to enjoy a rich texture with this product and a pleasant and satisfactory experience putting it on.

It spreads gently over your whole skin, blending softly and penetrating fully. This is the well-balanced moisturizing sensation we created for aging skin.

R&D Department / Sayo Komatsu

*Whitening refers to suppression of melanin and hence prevention of spots and freckles.

An abundant blend of good materials

As your skin ages, it is more and more important to take care of the core foundation of your skin as well as the outer layer - the epidermis. To truly care for aging skin, Vital White Essence works on the core of your skin in the same way that Cream20 works with an abundant blend of effective ingredients.

Maximizing the whitening effect

Vital White Essence contains Bisabolol which protect your skin and also SHOCHU distillery extract which adds a bright glow to your skin. All these ingredients work well on their own, but together they improve the active penetration of NIACINAMIDE. When combined with the ingredients that aid whitening*, Vital White Essence provides exceptional care for aging skin.

Improving product effectiveness

Fine particle technology is used to support the whitening effect of actively penetrating NIACINAMIDE which transports Bisabolol* to the inner skin*. The special scent is a characteristic of Bisabolol.

*Bisabolol: Give skin brightness‧Prevent dry skin
*Inner skin: Horny cell layer

Vital White Essence, empowering the effect of Cream20

Vital White Essence improves the circulation in the deep core of your skin so that the nutrients in Cream20 can be fully absorbed.

Vital White Essence works on the core of your skin which is responsible for effectively circulating nutrients. The nutrients in Cream20 enter the core of your skin to improve circulation and keep your skin healthy. Vital White Essence and Cream20 work together on the foundation core of your skin to keep it moisturized and elastic.

*Whitening refers to suppression of melanin and hence prevention of spots and freckles.

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