Vital White Essence

Revive vitality and transparency of the skin by vitalizing basal lamina and improving the metabolism.

Product Name Vital White Essence

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥10,000
Net Weight 30mL
Portion to be used 1 push
Usage Period

About 60 days

Reward Points:4Points

Intensive care of "Skin Core"*

The metabolism of aging skin will decrease and the skin problems like wrinkles or loss of elasticity will appear easily.

Medicated whitening* essence which delivers nutrients to skin core, it activates the circulation and restores the self-recovery power to bring out the transparency and firmness of skin.

*Skin Core: Inner part of horny layer
*Whitening refers to prevent of spots and freckles by controlling melanin production.

[Beautifully effective] With its concern for aging skin, Domohorn Wrinkle tackles spot care

Melanin is essential to protect your skin from damage. However, it can become a problem when excess melanin forms as your skin ages. To solve this, Vital White Essence contains a capsulized of Shochu Lees Extract* for anti-glycation and Infiltrate Active Vitamin C* with a high penetrating power which can restrain the formation of melanin and prevent spots and freckles.

Also, we focus on the self-recovery protein "HSP32" that can improve the power of removing the damage from inner skin. Guava Leaf Essence* helps to restore skin brightness.

*Whitening refers to prevent of spots and freckles by controlling melanin production.
*Shochu Lees Extract: Protect skin‧Give skin brightness
*Guava Leaf Essence: Keep healthy skin

Exert maximum power of the whitening ingredients to against fine lines of dry skin
In order to improve the metabolism, we blended different kinds of ingredients to vitalize basal lamina.
Restore skin fundamental power to revive transparency of skin. Healthy basal lamina can moisturize and against fine line of dry skin.

*Efficacy evaluation test proved the effective in improving the fine lines due to drying problem.

Comments about Vital White Essence

Age Group 30s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Brightness
Comments I have kept using Vital White Essence and my spots have lightened and my skin is brighter. It is easier to put on my makeup, and even without makeup I feel great. I am so happy that I now have good skin even with no or just light makeup.

Age Group 50s Satisfaction ★★★★☆
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Brightness
Comments I love the fragrance. It has such a relaxing and natural scent, I love it so much even after using it for a long-time.

Age Group 50s Satisfaction ★★★★☆
Skin Type Common Skin Problem Spots
Comments A little 5cm sized circular spot on my right cheek has become lightened noticeably after using the essence for just one-month! I used other methods before and they didn't work. I almost decided to go for the laser treatment. I will try to keep using the Vital White Essence.

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