Silky Cream Foam

A rich foam to remove dirt of aging skin and to restore bare bright skin.

Product Name Silky Cream Foam

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 110g
Portion to be used Size of a soybean
Usage Period

About 60 days

Reward Points:2Points

Research and Development Department / Aya Ito

We put a lot of thoughts into creating the best facial wash for aging skin

Not just any facial wash, we want one that skin as delicate as the aging skin can use, and so we put our minds into all the worries that aging skin may have.
We put our focus to two main points: effortlessly remove dirt from the skin and keep the hydration of the skin in the process. We hope that customers can feel their skin getting better and cleaner each day.

Research and Development Department / Aya Ito

Clean the skin with power from the nature

We wanted natural ingredients that easily produce rich and elastic foam and that is when we encountered Soapnut Essence* and Raffinose*. Soap nut essence, naturally rich in foam-producing saponins helps to produce ultra-elastic foam quickly. Raffinose with its hydrating property adds on to make a more creamy foam. Mild acidic formula makes it gentle to the skin, and Okura Essence* protects the skin from dehydration after the cleaning process.

Silky Cream Foam makes good foam that cleans gently and leaving the skin refresh.

*Soapnut Essence : Washing
*Raffinose: Washing
*Okura Essence: Moisturing

Care for the pores to prevent dirt accumulation

Three different types of ultra-fine poweder, one of them the Coral Powder*, penetrates deep into the pores and effectively removes the dirt accumulated. Hachiya Persimmon Essence are then added to smoothen the skin texture and helps to firm up the pores after each wash.

*Coral Powder:Washing

Tips on foaming
If you want to make a better foam, don't use too much effort. The tip is to "put no energy in your palms". First dissolve the cream slowly in water, then use one hand like a bowl and slide your other hand over it lightly. To make smaller denser foam, flatten and rub your hands together.

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