Oil-in-Gel Remover

Gently removes impurities and clear away keratin to restore the softness and moisture to the skin.

Product Name Oil-in-Gel Remover

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 110g
Portion to be used Size of a cherry
Usage Period

About 60 days

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Cleansing oil that is gentle to aging skin.

Contains 5 premium natural plant essences that gently remove makeup residues and impurities from the skin. The gel speedily changes from gel into oil and blends in with makeup residues and impurities for an effective cleansing.

We seek for the perfect combination with the following 5 premium natural plant essences: Sea-lavender oil* Shea butter* Macadamia nut oil* Prune seed oil*Olive squalane*
The cleansing gel not only penetrates deep into the pores to effectively remove makeup residues and impurities but also keeps the aging skin soft and moisturize.

*Sea-lavender oil: Keeps the skin healthy and clean.
*Shea butter, macadamia nut, prune seed oil, olive squalane: Moisturize the skin

Cleansing gel that not only aims for effectiveness but also "gentleness" to the skin.
Speedily changes from gel to oil form and merge with makeup particles and impurities. The gel provides a gentle cleansing solution to the delicate aging skin by using a thick gel texture that is gentle to touch, effective to remove makeup, blends into the skin, and easy to clean.
In addition to the effectiveness, we exclusively selected the ingredients to provide you with a natural pinkness and refreshing aroma that makes the everyday procedure an enjoyable experience.

Comments about Oil-in-Gel Remover

Age Group 40s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Spots
Comments I love using this. Removing my makeup has become a pleasure. After doing all my chores, I sit on my sofa, watch TV and massage the gel over my face. It is so relaxing. And the fragrance is lovely.

Age Group 30s Satisfaction ★★★★☆
Skin Type Mixed Skin Problem Pores
Comments The fragrance is so natural. When I apply the gel to my nose where I have a lot of oily sebums and they can be all removed. I like it so much so I often use too much (haha)

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