UV Dress Cream (SPF50+/PA++++)

Protection from UV damage to bring out skin's natural beauty.

Product Name UV Dress Cream (SPF50+/PA++++)

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 25g
Portion to be used Size of a soybean
Usage Period

About 75 days

Reward Points:2Points

  1. step1

    Take a soybean size of cream (diameter around 8mm) on the back of the hand.

  2. step2

    Apply to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

  3. step3

    Use the index, middle and ring fingers to spread the cream from the center toward outside in a circular motion on the cheek, forehead and chin.

    Spread longitudinally on the bridge of the nose. Do not forget to spread thoroughly on the wings of the nose.

  4. step4

    After applying the cream evenly on the entire face, press the hands gently against the face.

  5. step5

    You can re-apply over your makeup when necessary during the day.

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  • UV Dress CreamUV Dress Cream

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