UV Dress Cream (SPF50+/PA++++)

Protection from UV damage to bring out skin's natural beauty.

Product Name UV Dress Cream (SPF50+/PA++++)

Exchange Rate

JPY ¥5,000
Net Weight 25g
Portion to be used Size of a soybean
Usage Period

About 75 days

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Minimize daytime skin damages for a carefree day

Photoaging promotes skin concerns of aging skin. "UV Dress Cream" not only prevents damages from ultraviolet rays but also helps to minimize daytime skin damages by promoting the skin's ability to repair itself. It is to be used as a daytime beauty care to pursuit the bare skin beauty of aging skin, and to give it a smoother texture and natural glow.

[Beautifully effective] Supports your skin to stay stong from UV rays

To prevent your skin from lights, measures must be taken to protect it against UV rays and at the same time the ability to repair damages on its own.
"UV Dress Cream" contains Yabatsui Essence*and Guava Leaf Essence* that promotes the production of self recovery protein HSP70 and HSP32.
In addition, Shiranui Chrysanthemum Extract* is also added to keep the skin strong by blocking out Angptl2, a protein that accelerates aging.

*Yabatsui Essence:Protection of the skin
*Guava Leaf Essence:Maintaining the healthy skin
*Shiranui Chrysanthemum Extract:Maintaining the healthy skin

Blends in quickly to the skin for beautiful bare skin all day long.
We use natural ingredients such as Orchid Extract* Collagen* Hyaluronic Acid*as moisturizing ingredients to further pursuit the beauty of bare skin.
Keep the skin naturally glowing and moisturized all day long.
Spreads well evenly and covers thoroughly on the skin, and can be used daily as a makeup base.

*Orchid Extract:Replenishing the moisture to the skin
*Collagen:Moisturing and smoothening of the skin
*Hyaluronic Acid:Moisturing

Comments about UV Dress Cream (SPF50+/PA++++)

Age Group 30s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Common Skin Problem Pores
Comments Now my skin can look good even without makeup! Frankly, I never expected such a powerful effect. How can a dress cream cover my pores, uneven colours and skin irregularities so completely! It is just like a BB cream.

Age Group 30s Satisfaction ★★★★★
Skin Type Common Skin Problem Slack
Comments Since using Domohorn Wrinkle UV Dress Cream, not only my dry skin has disappeared, my pores are also getting less visible. People asked me if I am wearing makeup even when I was not. Also, I no longer feel dryness caused by air-conditioning.

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