Introduction of Point Reward Gifts

In order to thank you for our loyar ustomers for their always supports, Domohorn Wrinkle specially prepared points reward gifts for members.

When you purchase any products, you will earn reward points according to the product you selected. However, you can redeem points for your favorite gifts from the second purchase. (the reward points you have earned from the first purchase, will be automatically transferred over to your second purchase)

Points reward gifts are divided into 3 series, including "and Domohorn Wrinkle", "Life Delights Series" and "DW Portable Series".

"and Domohorn Wrinkle" will bring more the effectiveness of Domohorn Wrinkle and help you to create beautiful skin by using it together according to the season, customer's skin condition, and preference. We also prepare "Life Delights Series" that will support your daily living for you and your family.  Besides, we have "DW Portable Series" that you can enjoy with Oteate treatment anywhere.

All the gifts are not for sale. The ingredients used in the gifts are carefully selected like our main Domohorn Wrinkle products.

  1. and Domohorn Wrinkle
  2. Life Delights Series
  3. DW Portable

Oil-in-Gel Remover2Point

Oil-in-Gel Remover
For 2 days (2 sachets)

Silky Cream Foam2Point

Silky Cream Foam
For 2 days (4 sachets)

Intense Hydrator2Point

Intense Hydrator
For 2 days (4 sachets)

Vital White Essence4Point

Vital White Essence
For 2 days (4 sachets)


For 2 days (4 sachets)

Milky Veil Lotion2Point

Milky Veil Lotion
For 2 days (4 sachets)

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