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Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel

ODomohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel

We developed with an emphasis on the gentle touch to keep the skin stress-free.

Product Name
Domohorn Wrinkle Original Face Towel
one piece
Cotton 100%
When to apply
Please use after washing your face and before skincare routine.
Approx. 33cmx80cm (Face towel)

Exchange Points12point

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We pursue ultimate quality with three commitments. This towel is made with Imabari technology, well known for its Japanese quality. Please enjoy a relaxing skincare routine with this towel that eliminates the friction and damages to your skin.

1. Gentleness to the skin

…The gentle softness is achieved by using only the uniform length part of the 'extra long staple cotton', a cotton that accounts only 5% of the total cotton in the world.

2. Quickly absorbs moisture on the skin surface with a gentle touch

… When we wipe our face, we tend to rub the skin.
Therefore, we also pay particular attention to the method of weaving towels, so as not to rub the skin under its natural state after cleansing.

3.Reliable quality

… Caustic soda is generally used to wash the raw yarn, but taking the chemical's affect on the skin into consideration, we replaced it with olive soap.
The evenly arranged towel fibres, give the towel its soft and fluffy touch.

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