Terms and Conditions of Sales

Return/ Exchange of Purchase, Refund

Please read the following procedures for returning, exchanging or refunding of purchased items:

Point of receiving the item

If the box is badly damaged at the time of arrival, please reject receiving it and contact us at enquiry@domohornwrinkle.com

Return / Exchange

  1. We accept returning and exchanging of purchased items if you find them soiled or damaged.
    Please contact us at enquiry@domohornwrinkle.com within ten days after receiving the items.
    We will replace them with new items at our cost including postage.
  2. If the samples attached to your first purchase disagree with your skin, you may return your purchase within ten days of arrival provided that the items are unopened.
    Please contact us at enquiry@domohornwrinkle.com We will take on the postage.
  3. If you wish to return or exchange your purchase due to your personal preference, you may do so by contacting us at enquiry@domohornwrinkle.com within eight days after receiving the items provided that they are unopened.
    In such cases, you are requested to pay for the return postage.


If any refund accrues as a result of returning the purchase, we will issue a refund upon receiving the returned items. The amount to be refunded will be equivalent to what you have paid for the items at the time of purchase.

The final approval for return, exchange and refund attributes to Saishunkan Co., Ltd.

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