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About tariffs

Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import taxes, fees, and customs duties levied by the customs office of your shipping destination.

Relative fees will be borne by customers.

Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Import fees vary according to the customs regulations of the destination country. 

So we suggest you confirm the policies or fees with the customs office of the destination country before your purchase.


Customs offices in some countries or regions may require the importer of record to provide a form of identification before releasing a shipment, such as a Passport, Tax ID, etc.

Our thoughts on the protection of personal information

SAISHUNKAN Co. Limited operates mainly via internet, etc.

Everyday we learn how hard it is to empathize with, and to bring deep satisfaction to someone without seeing his/her face. The important personal information entrusted by the customers creates the strong bonding between us and our customers.

In order to provide a satisfactory service to the customers without any glitch stems from incomplete or inaccurate correspondence, we take the personal information entrusted to us seriously. Also, it is extremely important to leverage on the past experience if we want to move forward with an even more steady steps. Keeping an accurate record of all the conversation we had with the customers in a secured manner is the pillar of the sustainability of our business – the crucial part that must not be tampered.

Our wish is to provide our customers whom we do not know the faces satisfied – an ultimate satisfaction that surpasses anyone whom might feel from a face-to-face relationship. The information given by the customers is the most important and precious “living treasure” that allows us to get a picture of their feelings and skin condition. To utilize and to protect this bonding between us and our customers is the very foundation of “Saishunkan built on customers’ trust”. This is our position that will never change.

Let us introduce our “know-how of processing, utilizing and protecting personal information”. Please confirm the “promise” we are keeping with the customers.

Personal Information Policy

  1. All Saishunkan employees are required to adhere strictly to our private information protection policy. Also, we would periodically re-examine, maintain and revise the above program for ongoing improvement.
  2. In the case of collection of personal information, we would explain the purpose and obtain the consent of the customers prior to the collection of personal information within the necessary extent, and to use the information within the extent of the explained purpose.
  3. We would manage the collected personal information responsibly, and would not disclose or provide the information to any third parties unless it is required by the order of laws or for the sake of customers’ privacy interests.
  4. In the case of consignment of the external contractors the operation of using the collected personal information to provide products, services, documents or information, etc. to the customers, we may consign only to the minimum necessary extent for the operation under our strict management.
  5. For secure and accurate management of the entrusted personal information, we would perfect our company policy and enforce security precautions to prevent the leaking, loss or damage of personal information.
  6. We would observe the “Requirements of Personal Information Protection Management Systems (JISQ 15001:2006)”, laws, guidelines and other regulations set down by the country related to any personal information processing.
  7. In the case of the customers’ will to confirm, revise, or delete personal information, we would promptly respond in a reasonable period and extent.
  8. Please contact the information desk stated below should you have any concerns or questions in relation to the personal information processing.

Masaaki Nishikawa
Representative Director, President
Customer Satisfaction Department
1363-1, Jichu, Mashiki-machi,Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto,861-2201, Japan

About the processing of customer information

We obtain customers’personal information via the following methods.
  1. Telephone calls, emails from the customers, the company web site , letters, and faxes
  2. Introduction of other members
We obtain the following personal information.
  1. Information including name, address, telephone number, email, and credit card information that is necessary for the delivery of products, provision of services, identity verification and payment, which is “given according to needs” by the customers prior to purchase.
  2. Information including age or date of birth, skin condition, gender, lifestyle, and occupation that is necessary for the improvement of products and services, and for appropriate support toward individual customer, which is “given within the extent of the customer’s consent”.

*Please note that we may not be able to give appropriate advice to the individual customer if we failed to obtain the above information.

We record the conversation with customers in text and audio format and utilize the data in the following ways.
  1. For confirmation of information related to the orders and enquiries from customers for the purpose of training and customer support.
    1. Order confirmation
    2. Delivery of order to specified address
    3. Billing and payment confirmation of order
    4. Utilizing comments from customers for the instructions and education of high quality customer support.
    5. Fully understand the enquiries to provide appropriate support

    For changes of registered personal information concerning delivery and billing of orders, such as address, bank name or valid date of credit card, etc., we may revise the registered information if necessary.
    Furthermore, we may inform the family members, etc. the transaction between us and the customer in order to maintain a fair transaction with the customer.
  2. For provision and improvement of products and services purchased by the customer and development of new services
    1. Revision of contents of products, services, and website, etc. for improvement and greater customer satisfaction
    2. To ensure that contents of products, services, and website, etc. are appropriate to every individual user.
    3. Fully understand the usage condition and utilize the knowledge on service improvement and development of new services.
      (Information collected from the customers will be handled as statistical data. Name etc will not be disclosed to the public.)
  3. For delivery of information related to products and services via mail or email.
    1. For delivery of information of various services including member periodicals, and promotion notice, etc.
We will not disclose personal information to the third party.

Saishunkan handles personal information in a proper manner. We will not disclose or provide the information to the third party except in the following situations.

  1. With the consent of the customer
  2. Information after being processed as statistical data that the identity of the customer is not revealed.
  3. By the order of the laws for disclosure.
Personal information is securely managed.

A strict security strategy is reinforced to prevent loss, misuse, and tampering of personal information. Personal information is kept under a safe environment where general users have no access to.

Saishunkan may consign the handling of personal information as part of the business to other corporation that we determine to be trustworthy and have signed the personal information confidential agreement with, but personal information will still be protected based on Saishunkan’s Personal Information Protection Policy.


  1. Delivery companies to be informed with the customer’s name, address and telephone number for delivery of purchased products.
  2. Credit card companies to be informed with the customer’s name, addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, and credit card expiration dates to complete credit card payment.

We believe that the most important elements of personal information protection is not the security system but the “awareness” of the system’s user.

We cannot expect the customers to feel safe wholeheartedly if we failed to ensure that every employee is aware that “the information entrusted by the customer is the most important thing to the company” and understand that the same weight of responsibility is bear on their shoulders without simply relying on the latest system. “Awareness” is the foundation of our personal information protection strategy and we launch on-the-job training to all the employees to boost up their self-awareness. We will continue to enhance the awareness of personal information protection throughout the company and strive to be the SAISHUNKAN Co. Limited honored with customers’ trust.

If it’s the wish of the customer to disclose his/her own personal information, or to change/correct the registered information, we will promptly respond in a reasonable extent.

For enquiry or correction, please contact the information desk below or login to the “Net Membership Registration Change” page from our website.


※Please beware of the following case.
Saishunkan provides services such as discussion board from our various websites. Please be cautious that any information disclosed by the users of those services will be public information.

About the usage of IP addresses and cookies

IP addresses that are recorded in the log are mainly used in the following purposes.

  1. to pinpoint and resolve the problems with the server
  2. website management

Cookies technology may apply at the various websites provided by Saishunkan. Cookies are small packet of data that is transferred from the website to the user’s browser and may be stored in the user’s hard-drive. Cookies can be used by website to track back which web pages the user has visited.

Also, on the member’s website, etc., services may be provided through the combination of cookies and the registered information of the user. Saishunkan uses the cookies mainly for the following purposes.

  1. To improve the contents of the websites and newsletters to an even more satisfactory level
  2. To provided services that suit the user’s interest
  3. To prevent showing the same advertisement multiple times to the same users and to present information that would benefit the user

Information collected via cookies may be processed and summarized statistically for publication. Information that can be used to identify individual user will not be included in the data aforementioned.

In addition, depends on the browser’s setting, cookies transferal may be rejected, a warning alert may appear upon the reception of cookies. Some services provided on our websites may be restricted or disabled without cookies.

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