Environmental Efforts

Our philosophy

The basis of Saishunkan’s philosophy is the principles of herbal medicine. Considering that “humans are part of the nature”, herbal medicine uses the power of nature to enhance the power of humans. In other words, humans and nature coexists. All of us working at Saishunkan Hilltop aim to “coexist with the nature”, and carry out our business activities to improve nature and the environment which are the foundation of Saishunkan.

Environmental Polisy

  1. With an accurate understanding of the effect of our business activities and products on the environment, we have set environmental objectives and goals. Promote activities for the environmental protection and pollution prevention, and work toward the continuous improvement of activities.
  2. We comply with all laws, regulations and agreements relating to the environment, and work to protect the environment through the establishment of our own environmental management standards.
  3. We minimize the use of resources and energy in our business activities. At the same time, we improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase recycling; so as to maintain and improve the environment of the Earth.
  4. We documented our environmental policy, and ensure that all our employees are familiar with it. Based on the environmental policy and the environmental management system, the entire company work together in environmental protection activities, continuing to improve these activities. We also ask our business partners to understand our policies and make a similar effort.
  5. We will work to maintain the environment through communication with local communities and their cooperation.
  6. We will make our environmental policy available to the general public to obtain or view.

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