Our Initiatives

Coexistence with the close involvement of each employee

With the same care as we take in our own homes, we eliminate wasteful power usage and do not waste on a single sheet of paper. Our actions are towards a sensibility of “Stop the wastage” that we feel in our everyday life at home or in the office. Our initiatives for the environment start from the things around us.

Not too low, not too high. Maintaining proper room temperature.

We enforce strict management of air-conditioning to 28°C in summer, and 20°C in winter. Each employee pays attention to temperature management by not wearing a necktie in summer, wearing an extra sweater in winter.

Use of external light, minimize indoor lighting.

Office spaces are all glass surrounded, and lighting is set to a half configuration during the day. An “eco-rule” standard to manipulate the indoor lighting and the timing for nighttime lighting is checked using a light meter.

If you throw it away, it is garbage, if you sort it, it becomes a resource

Proper sorting of waste products such as paper, metal and plastic is performed by all personnel. Detailed sorting of windowed envelopes, or paper cups is performed, aiming to recycle 100%.

Initiatives towards a society that co-exists with Nature

The “Saishunkan Hilltop” extends at the base of the outer rim of Mt. Aso. Our spirit of “Stop the wastage” was engendered from a spirit of thankfulness for the rich natural environment that surrounds this region. We are pushing forward with various initiatives for utilizing the blessing of nature and co-existing with nature.

We produce our own electricity with solar power generation.

The electric power of our company is 100% self-generated.
The mega solar system- Domohorn Wrinkle・The Sun Field

The mega solar system- Domohorn Wrinkle・The Sun Field not only exist on the top of the roof and wall, the Solar Panels also surround the building. The solar power system can provide the entire year of electric requirement for Saishunkan Hilltop (Head office). From 2004, make the dream of “Electric energy self-sufficiency” comes true.

  • Generating capacity :8075kW=the requirement electricity for 2000 family per year
  • Generating capacity for a year:7571250kWh/year
  • The total area of solar energy system: 44500 square meters (For Solar Panels part)
  • The amount of Solar Panels: 29445 pieces.

Our greatest source of lighting is natural light.

“Sunflower” is a light condenser we possess that collects light from the sun for indoor lighting. The similar concept of obtaining external light from skylights, these “Sunflower” provide sufficient lighting systems to corridors and changing rooms without windows.

Treasure the blessing from the land and sky, our water.

From production lines to our toilets and even sprinkling systems, we tried to make the most effective use of the underground water that flows below, and the rain water that falls from above. We prepared the latest systems to minimize water wastage.

Windows that draw in air and create breezes

We use “Swindow”(a parallel window system that avoid contray wind) that are moved by the movement of the breeze to automatically regulate opening and closing of windows. Even on hot summer days, we can effectively use the refreshing breeze from Mt. Aso without closing the windows for the air-conditioning.

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